first_imgRICHMOND, B.C. – Employers in British Columbia have been warned they need to develop plans to keep their workers safe from avalanches.WorkSafeBC, the provincial occupational health and safety authority, tells employers in a news release that workers in the backcountry, including self-employed workers, face a potential risk of serious injury in what is an active avalanche season.WorkSafe’s regulations require all employers to ensure safe workplaces by reducing exposure to avalanche risks, and developing an appropriate safety plan if there’s the chance of a slide.Patrick Davie, WorkSafeBC manager of prevention field services, says employees in the oil and gas, forestry, pipeline construction, highway maintenance and mining industries are at the greatest risk.Worksafe says it expects employers with operations within avalanche terrain to increase their awareness of the risks, step up prevention efforts and collaborate with WorkSafe to ensure compliance with guidelines and regulations.Davie says B.C. is full of rugged terrain and working in it without proper precautions can be deadly.“Employers in these situations are required under the occupational health and safety regulation to ensure a well-rehearsed safety plan is in place and well understood by all workers,” Davie says.Since 1998 in B.C., avalanches have caused the deaths of three workers and 52 time-loss injury claims, including two injury claims in 2017, the release says.“While ski hills and winter lodges have also seen avalanche related injuries, primary-resource industries see the next highest amount,” it says.last_img read more

Addressing the closing of the session, which began on 25 September and saw the participation of scores of national leaders, Srgjan Kerim thanked delegates for their “insightful” contributions during the debate.“The presence of almost a hundred heads of State and government as well as about 80 ministers for foreign affairs is a mark of the importance the world places on this unique Assembly,” he said. The President also drew attention to the “flurry of diplomatic activity” that accompanied the annual high-level meeting. “We have increased our visibility and the public and media have responded positively.” Reflecting the views of many expressed during the session, he urged action on the theme of the debate: responses to climate change. “The latest reports about the accelerated melting of the Arctic have unnerved the experts. We need to be on high alert,” he cautioned. “You have send a strong political message that the time for talk has passed – that the time for action has begun,” he told those present, declaring that “climate change has become the flagship issue” of the current Assembly session.Reviewing the consensus that emerged during the just-concluded session, he cited wide agreement that adapting to global warming should not limit growth, but rather help achieve sustainable development. “We all agreed that we have common but differentiated responsibilities,” he said, adding that there was broad consensus that the UN “must remain at the centre of the process to reach a global agreement.”Numerous participants, he said, endorsed the idea of a “road map to coordinate the United Nations system on climate change.”Looking to a planned meeting in Bali this December aimed at hammering out a successor pact to the Kyoto Protocol, which limits greenhouse gas emissions but is set to expire in 2012, he said: “It is now up to you to deliver.”Other issues which received close attention during the debate included the global anti-poverty targets collectively known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); the need for progress on financing for development ahead of the Doha Conference in 2008; and a “broad desire” to achieve consensus on a comprehensive convention against terrorism. Participants also touched on the importance to adherence to international law, human security and the responsibility to protect, and discussed regional hotspots such as the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur and Myanmar. “There is overall agreement that we could make faster progress on all these issues if our multilateral institutions better reflected contemporary realities, underlining the need for better progress on United Nations reform,” he said, citing a need to make the Secretariat more effective and to reform the Security Council. At the outset of the debate, the President had indicated that he wanted to give priority to five priority areas: climate change, financing for development, countering terrorism, the MDGs and management reform. In a statement released by his spokesman today, the President said the General Assembly “is the only forum where these priority issues can be tackled comprehensively and notes that the presence of over 90 world leaders in the debate underscored the importance Member States placed on this unique forum for multilateralism.”In total, 189 Member States addressed the high-level debate, along with two observers: the Holy See and Palestine. A total of 67 heads of State, 25 heads of government, four vice-presidents, 13 deputy ministers, 66 foreign ministers, two other ministers, four deputy ministers and eight chairs of delegation spoke. 3 October 2007The United Nations General Assembly today wrapped up its wide-ranging high-level debate characterized by calls for action to address climate change and other pressing international concerns, the 192-member body’s president said. read more

Ian Martin, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative to Nepal and the head of the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), told a press conference in the capital, Kathmandu, that the country “is very close to achieving an historic step in its democratic transition” when its voters go to the polls on 10 April. “An inclusive Constituent Assembly, elected in a free and fair atmosphere, will provide the democratic basis for decisions to shape the future of this highly diverse country, as well as for a government with the broad legitimacy necessary to address the challenges of peace and development,” he said. Once elected, Assembly members are supposed to draft a new constitution for Nepal, where an estimated 13,000 people were killed during the decade-long civil war that ended when the Government and the Maoists signed a peace accord in 2006. The polls were supposed to be held last year, but had to be delayed several times because of political disputes. Mr. Martin stressed that UNMIN would work very closely with the national electoral commission and had already dispatched almost all of its electoral advisers to the country’s various regions and districts. “The focus now is on ensuring that the election takes place in an environment that enables all parties to campaign and organize freely anywhere in the country, and allows the people of Nepal to cast their votes in accordance with their free will and conscience, without intimidation or infringement of their rights.” This means that the ceasefire code of conduct and the comprehensive peace agreement must be observed by all parties, as well as the arms monitoring agreement, starting with the restriction of the Nepal Army and the Maoist army to their designated locations. He added that while efforts to reach out to groups or individuals with grievances should continue, the international community would have no sympathy for any group that carried out acts of violence in pursuit of its ends or attempted to disrupt the electoral process. The UNMIN chief also told reporters that a memorial ceremony will be held next week to honour the 10 people who died when a mission helicopter crashed in eastern Nepal on 3 March. 12 March 2008Nepal’s Constituent Assembly elections, scheduled to be held in less than a month, are on track after previous delays, the head of the United Nations mission to the South Asian country said today as he pledged the world body’s support in efforts to ensure the ballot is free, fair and credible. read more

27 August 2010Serious human rights violations were committed during the demonstrations held in Côte d’Ivoire in February following the dissolution of the Government and the national electoral authority, according to the United Nations mission in the West African nation. “Among the violations, we recorded abusive and extrajudicial executions, physical violence, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of people arrested, as well as illegal arrests and detentions committed by agents of the Defence and Security Forces of Côte d’Ivoire (FDS-CI),” said Simon Munzu, head of the human rights division at the UN mission, known as UNOCI.The report of UNOCI’s investigation, which was released on Thursday, noted that 13 people died and at least 94 were injured during the demonstrations, which were organized by the Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and Peace (RHDP) after President Laurent Gbagbo dissolved the Government and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).The President’s actions followed a period of rising tensions after voter registration for the country’s presidential elections – which were supposed to have been held as far back as 2005 but have been repeatedly postponed – were suspended. Mr. Munzu told a news conference in Abidjan yesterday that, in addition to the deaths and injuries, many cases of physical violence, plunder and destruction of private and public property were committed by demonstrators. The report estimates that the demonstrations resulted in damage valued at $1.8 million. “The conclusions of the investigation into the events of February should serve as a lesson in order to avoid past errors in this pre-electoral period,” said Mr. Munzu. The report makes a number of recommendations to the Government, political party leaders, the UN and the international community. For example, it invites the UN to examine all requests for a waiver of the arms embargo on Côte d’Ivoire to help the country import anti-riot materials, “since the lack of these materials leads the law enforcement forces to resort to firearms,” the mission said in a news release. A new Government and IEC were established following the events in February, and it was announced earlier this month that the elections are now scheduled to be held on 31 October.UNOCI was established by the Security Council in 2004 to facilitate the peace process in Côte d’Ivoire – which became split by civil war in 2002 into a rebel-held north and Government-controlled south – including those related to elections, disarmament and all aspects of the reunification of the country.The mission has been providing logistical and technical assistance for the preparations for the presidential elections. read more

The projected figure breaks down to $269 million in recurrent expenses, and $149 million for one-time costs such as buying equipment and deploying the military contingents, and should be paid for by dues levied on UN Member States, the Secretary-General says.Mr. Annan has already informed the President of the Security Council of his intention of immediately beginning preparations for a UN operation, which would comprise a military force of 5,650 troops, including observers and headquarters staff, based on the reassignment of the African Union’s African Mission in Burundi (AMIB), as well as a civilian component of about 1,050 people.Ahead of elections scheduled for 31 October, the mission, called MINUB, would support the process of disarming and disbanding militia groups as well as collecting, securing and destroying weapons. It would also help to train the Burundi National Police. Other MINUB components would work to promote the rule of law, coordinate assistance in support of the elections, and report on human rights abuses.Since 1993, the UN has had an office in Burundi supporting peace initiatives there. An agreement signed in Arusha in 2000 forms the basis of the political transition, which will culminate in October’s elections. The AMIB has been deployed since October 2003. read more

by The Associated Press Posted Sep 3, 2014 5:29 am MDT NEW YORK, N.Y. – Netflix Inc. has struck a deal with Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution to run the television series “Gotham” worldwide following its first season.The highly anticipated show, which will start its initial season on Fox on Sept. 22, occurs in Batman’s Gotham City and depicts an orphaned Bruce Wayne and future Commissioner James Gordon. Stars include Ben McKenzie and Jada Pinkett Smith.Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution said that the deal is unique because it’s licensed on a multi-territory basis. The company typically licenses programming country by country. Terms weren’t disclosed.Each season of “Gotham” will be available to Netflix members starting next year, once its initial broadcast is complete in each country.Shares of Netflix added $7.65, or 1.6 per cent, to $484.25 in premarket trading Wednesday. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Netflix, Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution reach deal on ‘Gotham’ TV series read more

first_imgAhead of Asteroid Day, next Friday, Professor Alan Fitzsimmons from Queen University’s Astrophysics Research Centre also warned that an asteroid collision with Earth could easily destroy a major city. Asteroid Day commemorates the Tunguska strike in Siberian in 1908 which devastated 800 square miles.  Prof Hawking said it was important to begin colonising Mars and the Moon  The camera-equipped miniature probes, would be sent on their way by tens of gigawatts of focused power from an array of lasers, reaching their destination in about 20 years.”If we succeed we will send a probe to Alpha Centauri within the lifetime of some of you alive today,” he said.”It is clear we are entering a new space age. We are standing at the threshold of a new era. Human colonisation and other planets is no longer science fiction, it can be science fact.”The human race has existed a separate species for about two million years. Civilization became about 10,000 years ago and the rate of development has been steadily increasing, If humanity is to continue for another million years it relies on boldly going where noone has gone before. I hope for the best. I have to. We have no other option.” Prof Hawking and Yuri Milner are planning to send a tiny probe to Alpha Centauri using a beam of light  “This is not science fiction it is guaranteed by the laws of physics and probability,” he said. “To stay risks being annihilated. “Spreading out into space will completely change the future of humanity. It  may also determine whether we have any future at all.”Wherever we go we will need to build a civilisation, we will need to take the practical means of establishing a whole new ecosystem the will survive in an environment that know very little about and we will need to consider transporting several thousands of people, animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and insects.”Prof Hawking said the Moon and Mars were the best sites to begin the first colonies, stating that a lunar base could be established within 30 years and a Martian outpost within 50. But he also suggested leaving the Solar System and venturing to our nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, where scientists believe there exists a habitable planet known as Proxima B. Prof Hawkingtold the audience that the Earth would eventually be hit by a devastating asteroid strike. Prof Hawking said climate change and over-population meant humans had no option but to leave Earth Credit:BBC The professor said nuclear fusion-powered ships propelled by light, Star Trek-style matter-antimatter reactors, or “some completely new form of energy” could allow humans to travel light years. A small first step was already being taken by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Start Shot project, said Prof Hawking. This envisages sending a fleet of tiny “nanocraft” carrying light sails on a four light-year journey to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to Earth. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Prof Hawking said it was important to begin colonising Mars and the Moon  Professor Fitzsimmons said: “It is important to know that scientists and engineers have made great strides in detecting Near-Earth Asteroids and understanding the threat posed by them. Prof Hawking and Yuri Milner are planning to send a tiny probe to Alpha Centauri using a beam of light  Prof Hawking said climate change and over-population meant humans had no option but to leave Earth  “Over 1,800 potentially hazardous objects have been discovered so far, but there are many more waiting to be found.“Astronomers find Near-Earth Asteroids every day and most are harmless. But it is still possible the next Tunguska would take us by surprise, and although we are much better at finding larger asteroids, that does us no good if we are not prepared to do something about them.” The human race must start leaving Earth within 30 years to avoid being wiped out by over-population and climate change, Professor Stephen Hawking has warned. Making an impassioned speech at the Starmus science festival in Trondheim, Norway, the astrophysicist said it was crucial to establish colonies on Mars and the Moon, and take a Noah’s Ark of plants, animals, fungi and insects, to start creating a new world. Prof Hawking said it was only a matter of time before the Earth as we know it is destroyed by an asteroid strike, soaring temperatures or over-population.He said that becoming a ‘cosmic sloth’ was not an option because ‘the threats are too big and too numerous.'”I am convinced that humans need to leave earth. The Earth is becoming too small for us, our physical resources are being drained at an alarming rate.””We have given our planet the disastrous gift of climate change, rising temperatures, the reducing of polar ice caps , deforestation and decimation of animal species.”When we have reached similar crisis in or history there has usually been somewhere else to colonise. Columbus did it in 1492 when he discovered the new world. But now there is no new world. No Eutopia around the corner. We are running out of space and the only places to go to are other worlds.”last_img read more

She is the official camerawomen at the EHF EURO 2012. We don’t know her name, but we noticed that many journalists and fans have problem to concentrate on the Handball matches, when she staying two meters from the playing court. Like a princess among warriors.Photo: Dragan Zabunovic ← Previous Story Main Round start in “Arena”: Serbs against Germans for the semifinal! Next Story → EHF EURO 2012: Five Teams staying in the battle for OG qualification!

first_imgOVER 1,000 GPs who qualified in Ireland have begun working with the NHS over the last five years according to the Irish Medical Organisation.The IMO say that this is the equivalent of seven years output of Irish trained GPs that are going straight to the UK.The union are blaming the Government for the loss of doctors abroad and say that Ireland could be facing a GP shortage.“If we don’t change tack now, we will look back in five years time and we will trace the decline of our high standards of GP services to 2014 and the mistakes that are being made now,” said the IMO’s Ray Walley. The IMO has been locked in a dispute with the Government over the proposal to introduce free GP care for under-sixes and in particular the re-reimbursement contract for GPs.“Any substantial change to the current GMS contact for GPs needs to be negotiated with the IMO as the licensed trade union for GPs in Ireland,” Walley said about the dispute.The Union of Students of Ireland recently launched a campaign to halt a reduction in pay for student nurses which they say encourages emigration among recently qualified health professionals.Read: Graduate nurses to protest “€6.49 per hour” training wage >Read: IMO wants “real negotiations” on free GP care > A further 200 or more GPs currently working in Ireland are close to or beyond normal retirement age and are expected to leave the service in the coming years further exacerbating the situation.last_img read more

first_imgSea Launch : un nouveau satellite de télécommunications placé en orbiteUn nouveau satellite de télécommunications a été placé en orbite vendredi 1er juin par un lanceur russo-ukrainien. Lancé dans le cadre du programme Sea Launch, ce satellite a quitté la Terre depuis la plate-forme mobile Odyssey, qui flotte dans le Pacifique.La firme Energia Overseas Limited (EOL), filiale de la société de construction spatiale russe RKK Energuia, a annoncé avoir placé avec succès un satellite de télécommunications en orbite vendredi dernier. Cette mission a été réalisée dans le cadre du programme Sea Launch, et c’est depuis la plate-forme mobile et flottante Odyssey, placée dans le Pacifique, que le satellite Intelsat-19 a été envoyé dans l’espace par un lanceur russo-ukrainien Zenit-3SL.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Ce satellite de télécommunications géostationnaire, Intelsat-19 (IS-19), rapporte l’agence RIA Novosti, pèse 5,6 tonnes. Conçu par la société américaine Space Systems/Loral, il commencera à fonctionner dès le mois prochain afin de remplacer un autre satellite placé en orbite pour Intelsat. Pendant près de vingt ans, il assurera alors la couverture de la région Asie-Pacifique, de l’ouest des Etats-Unis, de l’Australie et de la Nouvelle-Zélande. Initié en 1995, le projet Sea Launch a permis de placer 30 satellites en orbite en quatorze ans. Mais en 2009, des difficultés financières ont entraîné un arrêt du programme. C’est deux ans plus tard, grâce au soutien d’EOL, qu’il a pu être relancé.Le 4 juin 2012 à 18:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgStay on target Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWatch These Movies Before ‘Hustlers’ Olympus/London Has FallenWhile we were all too busy paying attention to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and laughing at the Dark Universe, the Has Fallen franchise has kept trucking along right under our noses, providing new government capitals to save and heads of state to protect. There’s even some solid character growth as Morgan Freeman goes from Speaker of the House to Vice President to President.White House DownThere’s a long history of two movies with identical premises releasing at the same time. And Olympus Has Fallen’s counterpart was White House Down, an arguably better movie about a dude bad enough to protect the president from White House infiltrators. Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx are more enjoyable actors and even the politics were a little better. But there’s no need to pit the movies against each other. Lance Reddick exists in both continuities.300The peak of Gerard Butler’s career, the only reason anyone really cares about him, is 300. Zack Snyder’s action-packed translation of the Frank Miller Greek epic was so stylish that stranger elements like the xenophobic fascism and accidental homo-eroticism just went down easy. Sparta kicks never get old.Phantom of the OperaBefore his action hero days, Gerard Butler tried to go all Hugh Jackman by starring in the film adaptation of the popular Phantom of the Opera musical. The result was more Russell Crowe given Butler’s actual singing talent. And he’s not even that disfigured beneath the mask.Machine Gun PreacherIf you think Machine Gun Preacher has a funny title, just wait until you see the poster where a solemn Butler holds a gun in one hand and holds back a scared innocent African child with another. It what can only be based on a true story, this movie follows former biker gang member Sam Childers defending South Sudanese orphans as a missionary who packs heat.The FugitiveAngel Has Fallen’s new narrative gimmick is that Mike Banning has been framed for an attack on the president. Now he must clear his now while evading both the authorities and the actual terrorists responsible. And the gold standard for fugitive stories like this is still… The Fugitive.Air Force OneSpeaking of Harrison Ford, if you want to watch a Die Hard-esque political action thriller where the president himself plays a key role, watch Air Force One. When the presidential plane is hijacked by Russians, only the commander in chief can stop them.Metal Wolf ChaosMetal Wolf Chaos is a video game, not a movie, but it’s still the most absurd thing you’ll ever experience about a fictional American president. After the country is taken over by the villainous vice president, take America back with your gun-toting robot suit. Formerly a Japan-exclusive, a recent re-release lets everyone in on the party, even if the game itself isn’t so great.center_img While the politics of the actual United States of America continue to crumble around us, why not go to the movies for an escapist fantasy about American politics crumbling all around us. After saving Washington and London, Secret Service agent Mike Banning must now save himself in Angel Has Fallen. Sure! That’s a pretty clever name at least.Watch these movies before Angel Has Fallen.last_img read more

first_imgSanta’s Posse is looking for donations of new, unwrapped toys, gifts for children, nonperishable food, toiletries and cash.The program, in its 15th year, provides food baskets and gifts to Clark County families. This year the group is planning to provide Christmas for 550 families with 1,730 children.Donations can be dropped off at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Clark County Fire District 6 stations, Kindercare Learning Centers and Alpine Auto Body locations in Hazel Dell, Orchards and Cascade Park. Donations can also be dropped off between noon and 6 p.m. Dec. 18 to 20 at the former Best Buy at 9308 N.E. Fifth Ave. in Hazel Dell.Checks can be mailed to Santa’s Posse, P.O., Box 410, Vancouver, WA 98666, Attn: Admin Office. Donations can be given electronically via Paypal, Santa’s Posse, and the effort’s Facebook page.Gifts will be wrapped starting 5 p.m. Dec. 20 at the former Best Buy in Hazel Dell. The public is welcome.last_img read more

first_imgAn infographic outlining gaming habits across age groups (Source: ISFE/Ipsos Connect’s GameTrack Digest: Quarter 2 2015, published in September 2015).Read more about how employers can use gamification to support a financial education strategy.last_img

first_imgIt was a busy Monday for app analytics startup Localytics, as the company announced the launch of an automated in-app messaging product and the investment of $5.5 million after a round of Series B financing.Integrated with the firm’s existing analytics service, the Localytics marketing platform allows app publishers to deliver messages to the user while they are at specific points within their app. “What we have is a solution to help them nurture and convert their app users,” says Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics. “Once they have them, they’ll be able to interact with them—with the right people, with the right messages, at the right time.”Timing, Aggarwal says, is key. He offered the example of a customer about to abandon a virtual shopping cart before purchase in an e-commerce app.“Maybe you want to give them a promotion for free shipping or 10 percent off,” he says. “To be able to send that at the moment that they’ve abandoned the shopping cart is really important, rather than sending it to them a couple days later when they’ve already forgotten about you.”Early trials have yielded successful results. According to Aggarwal, users are sharing app content 25 to 30 percent more. Participating firms have been able to turn their app users into purchasers as well, reporting a 10 percent increase in conversions.Along with timing, the testing has shown segmentation to be critically important in maximizing the effectiveness of the platform. Aggarwal stresses the role of underlying analytics in developing and distributing fully customizable messages.“The marketer or the app publisher knows their audience best and has some hypotheses in mind about what should work,” he says. “But they don’t have the ability to test those hypotheses. So they’re the once creating the content of the messages and putting them out there. We’ll tell them ‘Hey, this is working very well,’ or ‘This is not working.’”The app marketing platform is currently available as a free add-on to existing analytics plans. Final pricing has not yet been determined.Localytics also announced that they had secured a total of $5.5 million in Series B funding headed by new investor Polaris Venture Partners, along with existing investors, Launchpad Venture Group, New York Angels and Hub Angels. The Cambridge-based software developer raised $2.5 million in a Series A round in April 2011.To stay updated on the latest FOLIO: news, become a Facebook fan and follow us on Twitter!last_img read more

first_imgLast week, six-time Iditarod musher Karin Hendrickson suffered injuries that will prevent her from participating in the 2015 Iditarod.  Hendrickson is on the road to recovery, and it was announced Wednesday that, while she will miss the race, her dogs will not.Download AudioLast week, Karin Hendrickson was injured in an accident that epitomizes being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She was on a training run with her dog team and a four-wheeler to the side of the Parks Highway when a vehicle lost control on the icy road and struck her.  Hendrickson suffered three broken vertebrae and an injury to her leg.   She counts herself lucky, given the circumstances.Karin Hendrickson. (Alaska Public Media photo)“It’s pretty incredible, because people don’t usually get hit by cars and walk away from it.  I didn’t walk away, but I’m doing really well.”Karin Hendrickson is beginning inpatient therapy, which will be followed by more physical therapy after she is released.  She says that her injuries will prevent her from continuing to train for the 2015 Iditarod.“I just have to be really careful and not do anything jarring or jumping around, which means no dogs for quite a good, long while.”Like many mushers, Karin Hendrickson is as concerned, if not more so, for her team than herself in some regards.  She did not like the idea of her dogs missing this year’s race .“I thought about these dogs.  What they love to do is run. What they love to do is go out, race, and experience new things.  They really do love it, and I just felt horrible to have them spend an entire year where they weren’t going to be able to do those things.That’s where Bryan Bearss comes in.  He is a friend of Hendrickson’s and a veteran of the 2006 Iditarod.  Karin Hendrickson says that he is good with dog teams, and is a good choice to get on the runners behind her dogs.“Having Bryan come on board and take them down the trail is–I think it’s great for everybody…except me.  I get left out.”Bryan Bearss agreed, and now has the task of readying himself and the team for the race in March.“I’m compacting twelve months of planning, preparation, and fundraising into a three-month period.”Bearss says he has been training for a canoe marathon, so has been keeping himself in good physical shape.  For the planning and training side, he says he will rely on the work that Karin Hendrickson has already done.“It’s just going to be a little sit-down with Karin and look at the schedule she’s set up for her dogs.  It’s her race.  I’m just going to be the jockey.”After the planning will come the actual runs with the dogs.   Since Bryan Bearss’ has a full-time job during the week, his ability to run the dogs is limited to weekends.“Every Friday night, after I finish work in the Anchorage School District, I’m going to be hopping in the car with my two dogs, driving up to Talkeetna, and putting in some long runs Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, then racing back to Anchorage so I’m ready for work on Monday.”One other impact of Karin Hendrickson’s injury is that she will miss work in the coming weeks, and owning a sled dog kennel is expensive.  She says the community response has been substantial, especially over social media.“I made a little comment on Facebook to say, ‘Don’t send me flowers.  Send me dog food.’  There’s been an account set up at Underdog Feeds.  It’s hard for me to keep track of things from a hospital bed, but it seems like there’s plenty of money for dog food for a month or two.”Multiple other fundraisers are underway as well.  Karin Hendrickson says she hasn’t been able to keep up with them all, but that most are being organized or advertised on Facebook as well.While she won’t be able to compete in the 2015 Iditarod, Karin Hendrickson says she doesn’t think her mushing days are over.“I’ve got a lot of healing to do, but I think I’ll be back next year.”last_img read more

first_imgA huge black sarcophagus was recently discovered in a tomb in Alexandria, Egypt, and to the amazement of researchers, it has not been opened in at least 2,000 years, escaping the attentions of the looters who’ve swarmed over the country’s tombs for centuries. The coffin was made of black granite and sealed with mortar. It measures 72.8 inches by 104.3 inches by 65 inches.Local authorities who were preparing to construct a new building on Al-Karmili Street came upon the ancient sarcophagus. The digging work surrounding the coffin was conducted by workers for the Supreme Council of Antiquities in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria, as required by law.Shore of Alexandria, Egypt.The coffin was found some 16 feet below the ground. Nobody knows who is inside the sarcophagus, and excitement in the archaeological community is mounting. The size of the coffin suggests someone of very high status.Extracting the coffin from its pit and then opening it are no easy matters. It reportedly weighs more than 30 tonnes–the lid alone weighs 15 tonnes.“A rough alabaster bust of a man, likely a depiction of the body in the coffin, was also discovered in the tomb, which is believed to date from the era of the Ptolemies, the Greek royal family dynasty that ruled for roughly three centuries from 305 to 30 B.C.E.,” reports the Smithsonian.This picture released on July 1, 2018, by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities shows an ancient tomb dating back to the Ptolemaic period found in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria. The tomb contains a black granite sarcophagus considered to be the largest discovered in Alexandria. (Photo credit -/AFP/Getty Images)The tomb is now reportedly under careful guard. Experts are working out a plan to open the black sarcophagus.“In February, archaeologists found a hidden network of tombs south of Cairo in the Minya Governorate, which – like the giant granite sarcophagus – have probably lain untouched for 2,000 years,” reports ScienceAlert.” Experts say it’ll take them five years to work through that site.”Archaeologists had not until recently been focusing on Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great and ruled by his friend Ptolemy and then his descendants, which include Cleopatra, the last ruler of that line.Bust of Ptolemy.A congested city of 5 million people rose up, on top of the onetime marble palaces and monuments of the Ptolemies.Disturbing occasions when ancient Egyptian curses seemed to come trueIn the last 20 years, scientists have undertaken urban archaeology to uncover the city’s mysterious past. Assumptions that looters got to anything of historical value have proved to be wrong.“We are hoping this tomb may belong to one of the high dignitaries of the period,” said Ayman Ashmawy, the head of ancient Egyptian artifacts at Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities, in an interview. “The alabaster head is likely that of a nobleman in Alexandria. When we open the sarcophagus, we hope to find objects inside that are intact, which will help us to identify this person and their position.”In the coming weeks, engineers will visit the site to provide heavy lifting equipment and structural support. This will allow archaeologists to remove the lid. Once they can see inside, mummification and restoration specialists will work to ensure that the contents are protected from exposure to air not felt for 2,000 years.This picture released by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities shows the alabaster head of a man found in the ancient tomb dating back to the Ptolemaic period. (Photo credit -/AFP/Getty Images)The Internet has exploded with theories and warnings over the dangers of opening the lid, ideas that were given free reign in movies like The Mummy.Among the theories of who could be inside, speculation is also running wild, far beyond that of a nobleman.The New York Times reports, “Zahi Hawass, an Egyptologist and former antiquities minister known for his Indiana Jones-style hats, has suggested the find could bolster efforts to locate the tomb of Alexander the Great.”Beautiful marble head of Alexander the great.The final resting place of Alexander is one of the most intriguing mysteries of the ancient world.Read another story from us:$47 Million worth of artifacts recovered in raids across EuropeBut Egyptian officials are asking for caution. Ten other sealed sarcophagi were located in Minya, near Cairo, this year. Some contained mummies, others had beads, amulets or statues.The giant black sarcophagus “might be nothing special,” said Mostafa Waziri, secretary general of the government’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, in an interview. “We will only know when we open it.”Nancy Bilyeau, a former staff editor at Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, has written a trilogy of historical thrillers for Touchstone Books. For more information, go to read more

first_img 3 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global April 29, 2014 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.center_img If you have bitcoins to blow, Yelp just made it easier for you to find local places to spend them.The popular (and plenty controversial) customer review site announced on its blog yesterday that it’s making room for Bitcoin in the “More business info” section that appears on each company’s page. Yes, it’s now, or should we say finally, letting users know which of its millions of listed companies accept Bitcoin as payment.  The words “Accepts Bitcoin:” followed hopefully increasingly by a “yes,” and not a “no,” will now appear directly below “Accepts credit cards:” That’s big news for Bitcoin boosters.  Related: Lazy Customers Can Now Search Yelp Using Emojis While Yelp slapping up a handful of text about Bitcoin payment acceptance might not seem like a big deal to you, it is to us. The move signals another mainstreaming win for the world’s first cryptocurrency, which is quickly turning the traditional payments industry on its head across the globe, online and in-store.It won’t be long before most merchants accept Bitcoin. About 50,000 merchants around the world already do, according to Nicholas Tomaino, business development manager at Coinbase, a San Francisco-based global Bitcoin wallet and merchant service. The “vast majority” of them, he said, are online businesses, not brick-and-mortar operations, making the in-store corner of the market “ripest for bitcoin to disrupt.”As of 11:25 a.m. EST, CoinMap listed some 4,212 brick-and-mortar businesses currently accepting Bitcoin. That number literally grows by the day.  Related: Square Market Now Takes Bitcoin PaymentsThe folks at Yelp are paying close attention to the in-store Bitcoin payments race. They’ve obviously done their homework and they like what they see:“For those who haven’t heard the buzz about Bitcoin, it’s a new payment technology that allows consumers and businesses to make fast, secure and low-cost digital payments from any Internet-enabled device,” Yelp said in its announcement yesterday.   “Why does this matter? Bitcoin also allows for consumers and businesses to transact without having to store sensitive data like a credit card number. Finally, like cash, Bitcoin’s transactions are one-way, so businesses don’t have to worry about chargebacks.”If you’re a business owner who wants to add Bitcoin to the list of payments you accept and you’re on Yelp, you can log in to your Yelp account via and add the cryptocurrency to your payment attributes in a click. If only it were that easy to actually accept bitcoins.Related: More Major Retailers Are Getting Ready to Accept Bitcoin Register Now »last_img read more

first_imgWASHINGTON, D.C. – A new study shows that negative ads targeting President Obama in 2008 depicted him with very dark skin, and that these images would have appealed to some viewers’ racial biases.The finding reinforces charges that some Republican politicians seek to win votes by implying support for racist views and ethnic hierarchies, without voicing those prejudices explicitly. The purported tactic is often called “dog-whistle politics” — just as only canines can hear a dog whistle, only prejudiced voters are aware of the racist connotations of a politician’s statement, according to the theory.That debate has been prominent in the 2016 campaign, primarily targeting Donald Trump, but it has existed in almost every recent presidential election. To hear their opponents tell it, when Republican politicians say they oppose a generous welfare system, they really mean black beneficiaries are lazy. If they endorse strict immigration enforcement, they really mean that Latinos are criminals, critics say.A study published online this month in Public Opinion Quarterly provides new evidence that one GOP campaign — intentionally or not — has aired advertisements that exacerbate viewers’ racial biases.Analyzing 126 advertisements from the presidential campaign in 2008, the authors first digitally measured the darkness of the two nominees’ skin in each spot, then sorted the ads into categories based on themes. President Barack Obama and his opponent, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., looked very different in various advertisements depending on how the footage was edited and produced.That was particularly the case in negative advertisements, in which each campaign manipulated the images of its opponent to shadow or wash out his face for dramatic effect.Interestingly, though, when McCain’s campaign aired spots that connected Obama with alleged criminal activity by liberal groups, the producers almost always used images that made Obama’s skin appear very dark.Eighty-six percent of these ads contained an image of the president in which the his skin tone was in the darkest quartile of all ads studied.Likewise, as the election approached, images of Obama in spots aired by McCain’s campaign became gradually darker.Images of McCain campaign’s own candidate, meanwhile, became somewhat lighter.Whether this was a conscious strategy on the part of McCain’s campaign is impossible to say. The Washington Post contacted the Republican National Committee and McCain’s Senate office. They did not immediately respond to requests for comment.Yet a large body of evidence shows that racial prejudices are stronger against African-Americans with darker skin. For example, jurors are more likely to sentence to death black defendants with stereotypically African facial features, even when accounting for the severity of the crime.The authors of this study — Solomon Messing of the Pew Research Center; Maria Jabon, a software engineer who works for LinkedIn; and Ethan Plaut, a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University — confirmed that darker images of Obama did indeed affect the way viewers perceived him.The researchers showed subjects manipulated images of Obama and then asked them to play a game resembling a crossword puzzle. The subjects had to fill in blanks, such as “C R _ _ _.” One respondent might write “C R O W D,” while another might write “C R I M E.” Given the letters “L A _ _,” a respondent could write “L A Z Y.”Those who saw the image of Obama with light skin gave that word or another anti-black stereotype as a response 33 percent of the time. Among those who saw the darkened image, the figure was 45 percent, showing that they were more likely to have those negative stereotypes on their minds after seeing the photograph.© 2015, The Washington Post Facebook Comments Related posts:Macy’s is latest company to dump defiant Trump Costa Rica also tells Donald Trump: ‘You’re fired’ For Mexicans, the Donald Trump candidacy is getting scarier Donald Trump under fire yet again, this time for sexist and vulgar Clinton gibeslast_img read more

first_imgErrorOK.. ErrorOK They are accused of participating in the killing of some 1,000 of the 8,000 Muslim men and boys, who were executed over a few days after Serb forces overran the eastern town of Srebrenica in July 1995, in what was the worst massacre of civilians on European soil after World War II.An international court said the massacre was an act of genocide.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Comments   Share   New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top Stories 5 treatments for adult scoliosis The difference between men and women when it comes to pain SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) – Prosecutors say police have detained two men suspected of involvement in the killing of some 1,000 male Muslim Bosniak residents of Srebrenica at the end of Bosnia’s 1992-95 war.A statement from the prosecutor’s office said Thursday that former Bosnian Serb commander Ostoja Stanisic, 60, and his deputy Marko Milosevic, 58, were detained Thursday in the area of Zvornik, in eastern Bosnia. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Sponsored Stories The vital role family plays in society Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debateslast_img read more

first_imgSource = The Continent Hotel, Bangkok Thailand’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2016The Continent is proud to share its great news of 2016It has been a year of accolades for The Continent. The lifestyle boutique hotel, which features superb design, dazzling views, several successful restaurants and bars, and excellent personalized service, all set in an unbeatable location, has received a trio of awards for the hotel and its outlets.THE CONTINENT HOTEL IS THE WINNER OF THE THAILAND’S LEADING BOUTIQUE HOTEL 2016 FROM WORLD TRAVEL AWARDSThe Continent has been voted as Thailand’s Leading Boutique Hotel for 2016 by the World Luxury Hotel Awards. Celebrating excellence across all sectors of the global travel & tourism industry, the World Travel Awards are known as “the Oscars of the world hotel industry,” and give recognition around the world for world class hotel facilities and service, based on votes which are the actual result of guest experiences and how they ranked the facilities and were treated at each establishment.MEDINII IS THE WINNER OF THE 2016 WORLD LUXURY RESTAURANT AWARDSTHE BEST ITALIAN CUISINE IN ASIAMedinii, Italian restaurant has been voted as the Best Italian Cuisine in Asia by the World Luxury Restaurant Awards. Medinii offers contemporary Italian food with an Asian twist, and features a Sky Dining concept which starts with a choice of soup of the day or Medinii salad, followed by unlimited beverages (wine, beer, and soft drinks), plus unlimited pasta and pizza, along with one main dish and one dessert as part of the dinner, all set high above the city on the 35th floor, looking out at the luminous cityscape and lights of Sukhumvit below.THE CONTINENT HOTEL IS THE WINNER OF THE ASIA’ S TOP DESIGN HOTELS 2016 FROM NOW TRAVEL ASIA AWARDSThe Continent has also been named as Asia’s Top Design Hotel for 2016 by Now Travel Asia. The award confers honours on hotels that have cutting edge contemporary design, and The Continent leads the pack here, with its stylish world travel-themed rooms and their superlative dazzling city views, along with all its outstanding facilities, which are located on the top floors of the hotel, offering incredible atmosphere and a real “stay in the sky” feel. The Continent Hotel, Bangkokfor more information, visitlast_img read more