first_imgRelated Posts Image from Microsoft. Tags:#Microsoft#web markhachman Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Microsoft said Thursday that it will invest about $500 million over three years to fund YouthSpark, a program designed to give 300 million kids around the world opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.Closing The “Opportunity Divide”Brad Smith, Microsoft’s executive vice president for legal and corporate affairs, said in a webcast that YouthSpark was designed to close the “opportunity divide” between First World and Third World countries, where youth either doesn’t have the resources they need to succeed, or lack the jobs or training to make the jump from schools into the working world.Microsoft also said that it would change its philanthropic strategy to align with Non-Govermental-Organizations (NGOs) and other nonprofits that themselves were focused on “opportunities for education, employment, and entrepreneurship for young people,“ according to chief executive Steve Ballmer.Examples include the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and nonprofits like Take IT Global. Microsoft also launched the YouthSpark Hub, an online repository of training and resources, and said it would launch Give for Youth a global microgiving marketplace for NGOs; and Innovate for Good, a global online community where those young people could engage and collaborate with each other.Big, Bold Bets – On Philanthropy“Lately we’ve talked a lot at Microsoft about big, bold bets we’re making: Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, our new Office products, and a number of other flagship product releases,” Ballmer said via Webcast. “Today I also want to talk about a big bold bet we’re making – a different kind of bet, a bet to close this opportunity divide we’ve discussed for a target of 300 million young people around the world.”Ballmer said that Microsoft was prepared to use its connections with partners around the world to effect real change. “We’re committed to using our technology, our talent, our time and our resources to help actual issues facing young people around the world,” he said.In-Kind ContributionsFinally, Microsoft said that it would align YouthSpark with other educational initiatives, including Partners in Learning, Office 365 for Education, Skype in the Classroom, DreamSpark, its Imagine Cup, and BizSpark. The half-billion-dollars Microsoft will contribute includes in-kind help such as Office 365 subscriptions and Skype for the classroom, allowing one classroom to talk to another. “In effect, this allows for a multibillion-dollar contribution,” Smith said.Mary Mwende, who grew up in what she described as a “slum” in Kenya and gained an education at the American University in Dubai through President Clinton’s Clinton Scholars program, said not enough was being done to let the ideas of young people bloom.“One of the things I’ve learned is that we need resources, we need all kind of skills, we need… things to engage us,” Mwende said. “We have so many ideas we want put out to the world and we don’t know how to do that.”Support For InnovationJennifer Corriero, the founder of TakingITGlobal, said that one teen in Latin American had developed a mobile app to encourage others to donate blood. “Young people are bursting with ideas, and they just need support,” she said.Microsoft’s initiative also complements the goals of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, founded by Microsoft co-founder and executive chairman Bill Gates.Although the Foundation works worldwide, one of its goals is to improve the quality of education within the United States by “making sure that all students graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and that young adults who want to get a postsecondary degree have a way to do so,” according to the Foundation’s annual letter.The solution, according to the Foundation, is using a combination of peer review and technology to improve the quality of teaching. A spokesman for the Foundation could not be reached at press time for comment, and a spokesman for Gates himself also said that Gates had no comment.last_img read more

first_imgIn this post we continue our analysis of Smoke ConnectFX, exploring the Burn-In Letterbox, Burn-In Timecode and Bump Displace nodes.In our ongoing coverage of the new Smoke 2013 we take a deeper look at three more ConnectFX nodes.  Let’s dive in….Smoke’s Burn-In LetterboxYou may still be working or exporting SD clips.  Or you may be working in HD or 2K and want to format your final output for more of a film ratio like 1.85:1 or 2.39:1.  You may even just want to be creative and apply a letterbox to your 16×9 HD sequence to give it, that classy film look that editor’s used to give to SD material back in the day.   Whatever your letterboxing needs, use can achieve them with Smoke’s Burn-In Letterbox node. Now you can use this node to simply add a letterbox to a clip or sequence.  The node has all of the common video and film ratios that you would need.  Simply, just select one and choose the color for the letterbox, in case you want something different than classic black.[Click image for larger view] Smoke’s Bump DisplaceThe Bump Displace node is great for adding that little bit of depth to a graphic or text to make it pop, without having to work with 3D geometry. The bump displace in Smoke 2013 creates an effect similar to an emboss effect in Photoshop or After Effects.  The node will use the matte input to generate the bump displace or emboss.  The end result looks odd when you are working within the node, but you have to remember that the output is generally used again with the matte in another node downstream in your CFX schematic.[Click image for larger view]You can set the minimum and maximum values for the matte input, much like in the 2D Histogram, and set the height and softness of the bump displacement. A high softness, will give you a more bubbled or rounded look to the emboss.You have full control over the lighting in the scene to finesse the look of the emboss.  You can adjust the position of the light, as well as the color.   The image texture controls allow you to adjust the shininess, diffuse, and specular highlights.  One nice feature is the ability to add a little chromatic aberration to the bump displace to give it a more realistic feeling.  This is achieved by adjusting the individual RGB channels of the displacement.[Click image for larger view]I like to use Smoke’s Bump Displace Node with a Text node to give the text a little depth in my composite. You can also use the bump displace to create a glassy overlay by using it with simple shape mattes.  Often times an emboss looks cheap, and editors and designers will shy away from it.   But I encourage you to explore the bump displace node.  The depth of the controls can create some very subtle and classy looks that will elevate your final product.  Take a look at some of the example setups in the following images.[Click images for larger view] Smoke’s Burn-In TimecodeEveryone’s workflow and editing is different, but since I moved to a completely file based workflow I have replaced Timecode with Clip Name. However, if you still deal with tape or want to offload a sequence to a DVD, you may want to Burn-In Timecode into a clip for the viewer.  Normally, this would be so that they can log the footage, and then give you the proper frames for reference. If you need to make a burn-in timecode window on your clips or sequence, then you can add the Burn-In Timecode node before the ConnectFX output.Now, as non-exciting as timecode windows are, at least the node is Smoke 2013 has every feature you could possibly want. You can set the font and color of the text as well as the background.  The burn-in info can be placed anywhere you would like on the screen.  You can choose to display the source timecode and the record timecode if you are using it on a sequence. You can even display comments or have the clip count in frames instead of timecode.I may have only exported Burn-In TC for someone about once in the past 3 years…but if you do need it, it’s there.[Click image for larger view]NOTE: Since CFX is frame rate agnostic, the node does not automatically pick up the timecode from the source or edit sequence. I realize that that sounds ridiculous, and in fact it is.  So without a lot of manual work, this node is somewhat useless inside of Smoke’s CFX. But there is a bright side – both the Burn-In Letterbox and Burn-In Timecode are available as tools on the desktop.  In Smoke’s Tools tab it does respect both the sequence timecode and the source timecode.center_img Follow the Premiumbeat blog for continued coverage of Smoke 2013.  In future posts we’ll continue our exploration of each of the Smoke ConnectFX nodes to how to best use them to improve your video edits.last_img read more

first_imgTaj is coming to a theater near you! All those who saw the 2002 cult hit National Lampoon’s Van Wilder will remember the desi character Taj, played by Kal Penn. Now a sequel is opening, this time with Taj center stage in his own movie! It’s titled ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj’ which will open in theaters this month. We caught up with the very hot, very in-demand Kal Penn for the Little India DozenQ. For those who haven’t seen the first Van Wilder film what can you tell them about Taj? A: The character in the first film was a sort of side-kick exchange student who comes to America and wants to live the debaucherous American college lifestyle and in the second film he actually plays himself four years later, but has come into his own as an individual and teaches other people about the quintessential American college experience, but he goes to London to do it.Q. So this is great, in the first movie you were the sidekick and now you’re the main guy!A: Exactly. So it’s a spin off from the first film.Q. What does this tell you about audiences that they are open to having South Asians as the main character?A: I think that’s interesting you ask that, because in the first film you obviously had a very stereotypical sidekick character and audiences responded to him. But I think what they responded to about it was the potential for that character to have his own film and to follow him as a human being instead of a sort of one-dimensional stereotype.Q. So what is Taj up to in this new movie?A: In the new movie he goes to grad school to study British history and thinks he’s going to be in a secret society that his dad was in. Through a series of mishaps he ends up being a resident advisor to a dorm of really awkward British freshmen who he teaches how to be cool in their own individual way and he also fights his nemesis, a relative of the Queen, whose grandfather used to colonize India so there’s a lot of humor based on overcoming that nemesis.Q. So South Asians will relate a lot to it?A: I think so. There are definitely a lot of jokes that are very South Asian specific. It will be fun for audiences of all backgrounds to see the reverse: you are so used to seeing the Indian guy in the quickie mart, but now it’s the Indian character who’s driving the film and it’s the British characters who are taking the back seat.Q. You’re playing such different roles in ‘The Return of Superman’ and ‘The Namesake’. How do you get in and out of character? And how was it playing the bad guy in Superman?A: We’ve usually got a couple of weeks in between the films so it’s not difficult. It was a great experience playing the bad guy. It’s kind of boring playing the good guy all the time!Q. Isn’t Taj very different from what you’d expect a stereotypical student of Indian origin to be?A: Yes, and that’s what I like about the character. He is very much not a stereotype that you might find on the Simpsons, for example, or on Seinfeld. He is the guy who, like anyone who comes to America and was not born here, is following the American dream. Any kid in college gets a little debaucherous at times and it was important to show him as one of those kids. I think it’s boring to play a stereotypeQ. So in a way it’s a triumph to not be the nerdy kid at the computer all the time? A: It is. The triumph over all is the opportunity to play a character who started out as a stereotype and is branching out. In real life everyone goes through changes so it’s cool to play a character who goes through changes.Q. What else do you have coming up besides the Mira Nair film ‘Namesake’?A: I’ve got a guest role on Fox Television’s Emmy award winning series 24 premiering in January. It’s really an awesome opportunity. I had a lot of fun working on it.Q. Do you have a lucky talisman that you take on the sets?A: I had a rock that said “Freedom” on it. It was given to me by an actress who was on the national tour of Rent when I was first starting out. When I booked my first job she gave it to me and said, “Carry it with you until you know you’ve done something you really want to do and then pass it on to someone who’d just starting out doing something they love to do.” So I carried it with me for a couple of years and recently I gave it to a friend who’s starting out.Q. Do you think there’s a Bollywood musical in your future?A: I don’t think so. I enjoy watching Bollywood films, but I like to do more American films, sort of more in line with what I’ve been doing. I’m always up for Bollywood films but I don’t think the song and dance thing is up my alley.Q. You changed your name when you joined the movies. Is there a difference between Kal Penn and Kalpen Modi?A: I don’t think there is a difference. It was sort of arbitrary, putting a name change on the resume. I haven’t changed my name in real life, I have no desire to. But like a whole lot of actors like Whoopi Goldberg and Winona Ryder, you just pick a catchy name and hope it works.  Related Itemslast_img read more

first_imgKolkata Knight Riders:Kolkata Knight Riders: Sunil Narinec Patel b Aaron37 Gautam Gambhirnot out72Robin Uthappa b Patel26 Manish Pandeynot out25 Extras(LB 6, W 5)11Total(2 wickets; 16.3 overs)171 Fall of wickets 1-76, 2-116Bowling:Sandeep Sharma 3-028-0, Ishant Sharma 2-0-16-0, Glenn Maxwell1-0-18-0, Varun Aaron 2-0-23-1, Mohit Sharma 3- 0-30-0, Axar Patel 4-0-36-1, Marcus Stoinis 1.3-0-14-0. PTI BS BSlast_img

first_imgRenesas Electronics introduced two touch-free user interface (UI) solutions to simplify the design of 2D and 3D control-based applications. Based on Renesas’ capacitive sensor microcontrollers (MCUs), the new solutions support the development of UI that allows users to operate home appliances, as well as industrial and OA equipment without touching the devices. The UI solutions make it possible for appliance and equipment manufacturers to quickly develop touch-free interfaces that increase the added-value of their products in terms of both equipment convenience and design.There are a variety of situations where touch-free operation is advantageous, such as when the users’ hands are wet, when the controls are out of reach, or when it is not safe for the user to touch the controls. Renesas new touch-free UI, for example in the kitchen, users could adjust water temperature and flow rate through hand gestures near the faucets or adjust stove fan operation by holding a hand over the hood. The touch-free UI solutions allow customers to easily implement these interfaces in their embedded equipment. The reference designs are available for downloaded effective immediately.Key features of the touch-free UI solutions: The new gesture solutions detect motion in a 2D coordinate system and in 3D space, respectively. With both solutions, Renesas provides design materials (circuit diagrams, board design data files, and parts lists) that form the reference hardware for the capacitive touch-key MCU, as well as coordinate calculation middleware, sample programs, application notes, and an evaluation tool for monitoring the detected coordinates.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components Continue Reading Previous American Control Electronics: low voltage DC drive with snap-on programmable board optionNext AAEON: network appliance platform based on second generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processorslast_img read more

first_imgTransfers January transfer news & rumours: Kane sets Real Madrid demands Last updated 1 year ago 02:50 1/29/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(5) Transfers Premier League Ligue 1 Primera División Bundesliga Goal takes a look at the biggest transfer rumours from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and beyond as we head into the winter window Harry Kane sets Real Madrid demandsHarry Kane has conditions that must be met if Real Madrid are to have any hope of signing him, Diario Gol reports.The Spanish outlet claims Kane would prefer to work under Mauricio Pochettino rather than Zinedine Zidane, with the latter looking likely to be replaced in the summer.Signing Pochettino would go a long way to getting Kane on board, but it is said that the England striker has no desire to play alongside Karim Benzema or Cristiano Ronaldo, and would ask that the Spanish capital club sell those players before his arrival. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Chelsea’s Dzeko talks break downEdin DzekoMichy Batshuayi looks set to stay at Chelsea as the Premier League side’s attempts to sign Roma striker Edin Dzeko have fallen through, reports the Independent.Batshuayi had been linked with a loan move to Sevilla in recent weeks, with the Belgian struggling for game time under Antonio Conte.Having scored twice in Sunday’s clash against Newcastle, however, Batshuayi may find himself getting more minutes ahead of the World Cup in Russia.Messi urges Barca to sign AsensioMarco Asensio Real MadridBarcelona star Lionel Messi has urged his club’s board to consider a move for Real Madrid attacker Marco Asensio, according to Don Balon. The 22-year-old is considered one of Spain’s biggest hopes for the future, but his lack of game time at the Bernabeu has Messi convinced that Barca can swoop in and steal him away from their great rivals. Messi has another motive too: revenge. The Argentine is reportedly upset with Madrid’s pursuit of PSG star Neymar, who just left Barca last summer and is still close with Messi. Barca face Ruiz competitionFabian Ruiz, Real Betis vs Barcelona, 17/18Inter Milan are hoping to beat Barcelona to the signing of Real Betis midfielder Fabian Ruiz, claims had suggested Barca have already agreed a deal to sign Ruiz, who has a €15 million release clause in his contract.But with Betis hoping to raise that figure to €30m, Inter are aiming to step in and pip Barcelona as well as Serie A rivals Napoli and Roma to the capture of the 21-year-old.Ronaldo considers Chelsea moveCristiano RonaldoReal Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo is weighing up a move to Chelsea this summer, according to  The Sun .Ronaldo is keen to leave Santiago Bernabeu after this season, with the Premier League his prefered destination.Alexis Sanchez’s move to Manchester United, however, has ruled out a return to Old Trafford.Chelsea, though, are keen to take advantage and bring the Portugal captain to Stamford Bridge.Fabinho ready to leave MonacoFabinho, Monaco, 17/18Highly-rated Monaco midfielder Fabinho has admitted that he has come to the end of the line at the Ligue 1 club and is ready for a fresh start. Fabinho, 24, has become a cornerstone of the Monaco team, racking up over 200 appearances in five years since moving from Real Madrid. His performances have not gone unnoticed, with clubs such as Manchester United and Atletico Madrid both linked to the Brazilian in recent weeks. Read the full story on Goal right here! My future is down to Conte – BatshuayiMichy Batshuayi Chelsea Newcastle 28012018After scoring a brace against Newcastle on Sunday, Chelsea striker MIchy Batshuayi has admitted that his future at the club is in the hands of manager Antonio Conte. The Belgian has been linked with a loan move as the Premier League champions continue to be linked with a host of strikers to help compliment Alvaro Morata.When asked by BT Sport about his future following the game, Batshuayi replied: “It’s up to the boss, it’s better to talk to Conte.”Read the full story on Goal right here! Man City plot £150m Hazard moveEden Hazard Chelsea Arsenal 03012018Manchester City are ready to launch an astonishing £150 million bid for Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, according to the Sunday Mirror .Hazard is currently in a contract deadlock with the Blues, and if that still stands in the summer City will look to rival Real Madrid for the Belgian’s signature.Though City refused to pay big money for Alexis Sanchez before he joined Manchester United, they believe Hazard represents greater value, and Pep Guardiola is willing to sanction a move.Chelsea are also said to be interested, with Antonio Conte having coached the midfielder at Juventus. Neuer is Utd’s De Gea back-up planManuel Neuer Bayern Munich 2017Manchester United will look to sign Manuel Neuer from Bayern Munich should David de Gea leave the club, according to Don Balon . Jose Mourinho is aware that Chelsea would likely never sell Thibaut Courtois to a rival and that Jan Oblak may be too expensive, so the Germany international is seen as a more plausible option.United could offer the 32-year-old Neuer one last big payday while the goalkeeper is still in his prime. Liverpool and Arsenal boosted in Keita chaseKeita Balde Monaco CaenLigue 1 side Monaco are said to be open to offers for Liverpool and Arsenal target Keita Balde, according to the Mirror . The 22-year-old signed a five-year deal at Monaco last summer in a transfer worth around £30 million to former club Lazio, but club’s new sporting director, Michael Emenalo, is willing to sell at a profit if an appropriate bid is received.Inter play down Sturridge dealDaniel Sturridge Liverpool Huddersfield Town Premier LeagueInter are mulling over a deal for Paris Saint-Germain’s Javier Pastore but will not be making a move for Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge, says director Piero Ausilio.Sturridge’s opportunities have been restricted at Liverpool, the forward starting five Premier League matches this season under Jurgen Klopp, and he has been linked with a move away from Anfield.But Ausilio, who confirmed Marcelo Brozovic will not be allowed to leave Inter despite links to Arsenal and Everton, has his sights set on Pastore rather than the England international.Read the full story on Goal right here! City and United to battle for £50m FredFred Shakhtar DonetskManchester United and crosstown rivals City are facing a dual over the signature of Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Fred, according to the Daily Star.  The two Manchester clubs both covet the 24-year-old Brazilian, whose fee has reportedly reached £50 million.If Fred doesn’t move before the end of January, United and City will resume their battle in the summer. Pellegri explains Monaco movePietro Pellegri MonacoItalian wonderkid Pietro Pellegri has explained that Monaco’s famous talent for youth development persuaded him to choose the club over a host of top European sides.Monaco completed the signing of 16-year-old Pellegri from Genoa for a reported fee of €25 million on Saturday.The forward, who was linked with Serie A champions Juventus as well as Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, has agreed a long-term deal at Stade Louis II.Read the full story on Goal right here! United to move for VidalArturo Vidal Bayern 2017Bayern Munich are ready to sell Arturo Vidal this summer and Manchester United are ready to swoop, reports Bild (via the Manchester Evening News ). Chelsea are also said to be interested, with Antonio Conte having coached the midfielder at Juventus. Klopp resigned to losing CanEmre CanJurgen Klopp is seemingly resigned to losing Emre Can on a free transfer, but insists he has no complaints about him running down his contract as long as he continues to behave professionally at Liverpool.The Germany international has been linked with a move away from Liverpool for a long time, particularly since entering the final six months of his contract at the start of January.Juventus are said to be the favourites to secure Can’s signature if he does leave Anfield, with a move in this transfer window even mooted initially.But Klopp is adamant Can will not be departing before the end of the month, even if he looks likely to lose the player on a free transfer.Read what the Liverpool boss had to say right here. Mourinho has Pereira concernsAndreas Pereira Manchester UnitedManchester United manager Jose Mourinho is concerned by Andreas Pereira’s recent lack of playing time at Valencia, according to the Manchester Evening News .Pereira is on a season-long loan at Valencia, but has made just one brief substitute appearance in the club’s last three matches.Mourinho isn’t planning to recall the midfielder, but is worried about the situation and also the position Pereira has been playing in at the Mestalla.Arsenal & Chelsea scout Rochdale teenagerRochdale manager Keith HillArsenal and Chelsea have both made enquiries about signing Rochdale’s teenage midfielder Daniel Adshead, reports ESPN .The 16-year-old has made seven appearances for Dale this season after making his first-team debut for the League One club back in September.He has been scouted regularly by Arsenal and Chelsea, who are now preparing to step up their interest as Rochdale manager Keith Hill attempts to hold on to Adshead.Real, Barca & City tracking SkriniarMilan Skriniar InterReal Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City are all interested in signing Inter defender Milan Skriniar, according to Gazzetta dello Sport .Skriniar, 22, joined Inter from Sampdoria last summer and has excelled in his debut season at San Siro, leading to reported interest from three of Europe’s powerhouses.Gibbs-White agrees Wolves dealMorgan Gibbs-White, WolvesWolves teenager Morgan Gibbs-White has agreed a professional contract with the Championship leaders, reports The Sun .Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham all showed interest in Gibbs-White, who impressed for England at the Under 17 World Cup last year.However, the midfielder has decided to commit his future to Wolves and stay at Molineux, rather than push for a move to the Premier League.Barca close in on ArthurArthur Melo GremioBarcelona are closing in on a deal to sign Gremio midfielder Arthur Melo, according to  Marca .The Blaugrana have already brought in Philippe Coutinho and Yerry Mina during the January transfer window, but Ernesto Valverde is keen to bring in Arthur before the end of the month.Real Madrid line up Pochettino approachMauricio Pochettino Zinedine Zidane Tottenham Real MadridReal Madrid are lining up an approach for Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino to replace Zinedine Zidane, reports the Daily Mirror .The Argentine masterminded Spurs’ 3-1 victory over Real earlier this season, as well as a gutsy 1-1 draw in the Bernabeu, and Real have been impressed by the club’s performances in Europe.Pochettino, when asked about the possibility of a move earlier this week, refused to rule out the idea, and Real may test Spurs’ resolve in the coming months.United on Bartra alertMarc Bartra Borussia DortmundManchester United are one of the teams on alert, with Borussia Dortmund prepared to let Marc Bartra leave in search of more playing time, according to Marca . Manchester City, Juventus and Real Betis are also reportedly chasing the defender, who has found playing time hard to come by under Peter Stoger.Arsenal told to pay up for AubameyangPierre-Emerick AubameyangBorussia Dortmund have told Arsenal to pay up for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this month, according to the Daily Star .The Gunners are interested in signing the Gabon international but have thus far refused to meet Dortmund’s £55m valuation.A £45m bid was rejected by the German club, who are determined to play hardball as they attempt to retain their key man.Blues improve Dzeko bid Edin Dzeko, AS RomaChelsea are ready to make an improved bid for Edin Dzeko, according to the Sunday Express . Antonio Conte wants to add the striker and Roma team-mate Emerson Palmieri, but the Dzeko is demanding a two-and-a-half year contract and the Blues are only prepared to offer an 18-month deal. Dortmund join Lucas raceLucas Moura PSGBorussia Dortmund are the latest club to show an interest in signing Paris Saint-Germain winger Lucas Moura, according to  Telefoot (via Le 10 Sport ) .Lucas is reportedly close to agreeing a move to Tottenham having previously been linked with Arsenal and Manchester United.But now Dortmund could be about to launch a late bid as they look for a replacement for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.Pastore talks up Inter moveJavier Pastore PSG Nantes Ligue 1 18112017Liverpool and Tottenham may miss out on PSG midfielder Javier Pastore, who claims he’d like a move to Inter. Pastore admits that Serie A is an attractive destination, having previously played for Palermo in Italy.“There is a lot of talk about Inter and if I were to leave, I’d like to go there, especially as I know Serie A and my wife is Italian,”Read the rest of his comments right here. Burnley eye Holding loanRob Holding ArsenalBurnley are keen on signing Arsenal defender Rob Holding on a loan deal until the end of the season, according to  The Sun on Sunday .Clarets boss Sean Dyche wants to add more competition for first-choice centre-backs Ben Mee and James Tarkowski, and sees Holding as the ideal alternative.The Gunners will only consider letting Holding leave, though, if they can secure a move for West Brom’s Jonny Evans.West Ham open Pelle talksGraziano Pelle Shandong LunengWest Ham have opened talks regarding a January move for striker Graziano Pelle, according to  Gianluca Di Marzio .Former Southampton forward Pelle, who now plies his trade with Shandong Luneng in China, is being eyed as cover for the perennially injured Andy Carroll.Pardew: Injury could stop Evans moveJonny Evans Roberto Firmino West Brom Liverpool FA CupWest Brom boss Alan Pardew has suggested a hamstring injury suffered by Jonny Evans in Saturday’s FA Cup win over Liverpool could scupper a January move for the Northern Ireland defender.Pardew revealed on Friday that the club have received approaches for the 30-year-old but that none had met the Baggies’ valuation of the player, who has 18 months left on his contract.Read his full comments on Goal. Mourinho: Alexis was cheap!Alexis Sanchez Manchester UnitedJose Mourinho has insisted that Alexis Sanchez was a “cheap” signing for Manchester United, despite his astronomical wages.”He was cheap, wasn’t he?” said Mourinho. “A free transfer! He was free. For that price, he is fantastic. I think everyone thinks the same in this country.”You can read his full comments here. Newcastle join Luan raceLuan Gremio Copa LibertadoresNewcastle have joined Liverpool in the race to sign Gremio star Luan, according to The Sun . Jurgen Klopp is thought to be an admirer of the Olympic champion, but the report claims that Newcastle could get a deal done for £17.5million if they move before the close of the winter window. Spurs locked in talks over Lucas MouraLucas Moura PSGTottenham remain in talks with PSG over the £22m signing of Lucas Moura, report the Daily Telegraph .Spurs are determined to sign the Brazil international in January, but the deal is yet to be completed.The two clubs remain in talks, with Spurs aware that they have until Wednesday to conclude the transfer.Juve move for Arsenal target CarrascoYannick Carrasco, Atletico Madrid, 17/18Juventus have opened talks for Arsenal target Ferreira Carrasco according to Sky Sports Italia (via  CalcioMercato ). The Belgian has a €100 million release clause in his contract with Atletico Madrid, and the Serie A side are desperate to replace the recently injured Juan Cuadrado. Pep: Quadruple is too expensiveSergio Aguero Kevin De Bruyne David Silva Manchester CityManchester City can’t afford to buy 22 top players according to Pep Guardiola, who claims the club are limited in their spending.The City boss’ comments come after both Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte said their clubs couldn’t compete with the money spent by Guardiola. Check out his response right here. Ronaldo reveals future plansCristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 01132018Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he has no plans to leave Real Madrid amid talk of transfer interest from Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain.Real’s struggles in 2017-18 have highlighted the need for a freshening up of the ranks, with it suggested that Ronaldo could be a victim of that process.But Ronaldo has pledged his future to the Blancos – read the full quotes right here on Goal! Luis Enrique top of Chelsea’s list to replace ConteLuis Enrique Deportivo Alaves Barcelona Copa del Rey 05272017Luis Enrique is Chelsea’s top target to replace Antonio Conte, with the Italian set to leave the club, report the Mail on Sunday .Enrique left Barcelona in the summer, and his availability has seen him placed above the likes of Massimiliano Allegri and Diego Simeone in the club’s pecking order.It is understood that Conte is set to either resign or be sacked in the coming months, having clashed with the club’s players – notably Diego Costa – and hierarchy in recent months.Sturridge set for Inter moveDaniel SturridgeDaniel Sturridge is poised to complete a move to Inter Milan after Liverpool dropped their asking price for the striker, reports the Daily Mirror .The Reds wanted a loan fee of £5m for the forward, but dropped that to £1.5m and he is now set to leave for San Siro.Neymar happy at PSG Neymar PSG Montpellier Ligue 1 27012018Neymar claims he’s happy at Paris Saint-Germain amid mounting speculation that the Brazilian could be headed for Real Madrid this summer. “I’m happy with my team-mates and I’m happy at PSG,” he told reporters. “I have good games and numbers and come here to make history and do my best.”Read his full quotes here. 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first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p According to Matt Zenitz of, James has entered the NCAA transfer portal.This leaves the door open for James to explore other options before the season begins for Alabama.Alabama tight end Kedrick James has entered the NCAA transfer portal, per source— Matt Zenitz (@mzenitz) July 12, 2019 Alabama lost its best tight end to the NFL Draft in Irv Smith Jr. Losing James to a potential transfer would be another blow to the team’s depth chart.James played in five games during his sophomore season, but wasn’t able to make any game-changing plays. However, the six-foot-five tight end did show signs of improvement this spring.Stay tuned for the latest. alabama quarterback tua tagovailoa talks in the huddleMIAMI, FL – DECEMBER 29: Tua Tagovailoa #13 of the Alabama Crimson Tide takes a knee to end the College Football Playoff Semifinal against the Oklahoma Sooners at the Capital One Orange Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium on December 29, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)With college football nearly one month away from returning, the Alabama Crimson Tide are in danger of losing one of their offensive weapons. It appears that tight end Kedrick James is considering ending his tenure in Tuscaloosa.James came to Alabama as a four-star tight end from Texas. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to showcase his potential on the gridiron yet.Last season, James suffered an ankle injury that forced him to miss significant time. He then received a suspension leading up to the College Football Playoff due to a failed drug test.Even though James was scheduled to miss the first four games of next season because of the failed drug test, it sounds like he might not be part of the upcoming campaign in its entirety.last_img read more

first_img 7 Fall Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy With Cooler Weather How to Cook Steak in the Oven Editors’ Recommendations How to Make Loco Moco, a Hawaiian Staple Dish The Peached Tortilla’s Fried Rice Recipe Is Just Plain Delicious November is National Diabetes Month, which makes now the perfect time to learn about the disease and the 371 million people affected by it worldwide. Unfortunately, diabetics are often written off as irresponsible folks with poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Though these are common risk factors for type 2 diabetes, there’s much more to the story.Type 1 diabetes, which accounts for about 10% of all diabetes diagnoses, is a different story altogether. Type 1 is not a lifestyle disease. It’s not preventable, the cause is unknown, and there is no cure. It’s most commonly diagnosed in young children, and is something they must live with their whole lives.Beyond Type 1 is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, support, and resources to sufferers of type 1 diabetes and their loved ones. Founded just last February, Beyond Type 1 is a 2015 organization through and through; over the past several months, they’ve built a robust online community of people who are affected by type 1 diabetes — a disease that has traditionally made sufferers feel isolated.Beyond Type 1 was founded by Sarah Lucas and Juliet De Baubigny, both of whom have a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes; with musician Nick Jonas and celebrity chef Sam Talbot, who were themselves diagnosed with the disease at an early age. One of the great things about this organization is that the founders and their associates have enough money to cover operational costs, thereby allowing 100% of donations to go toward helping diabetes sufferers and finding a cure.Related: Worn Out Wednesday – Sam TalbotOther folks involved in the organization include TV star Wilmer Valderrama and famed “that guy” actor Victor Garber, who lends his amazing voice to the above video. There are several ways you can add your name to the list: you could share your story, create your own fundraising page, follow and interact with them on Instagram, become an ambassador, or simply donate funds to the cause. Beyond Type 1 has pledged to raise $1 million this month — let’s help them meet that goal.If nothing else, you should take this opportunity to be mindful of your own diet. You have nothing to lose by improving your diet, and you can significantly reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Below are a couple of tasty and healthy recipes from Beyond Type 1’s co-founder and resident chef Sam Talbot.YOGURT WITH PEAR AND COCONUTIngredientsJuice of 1 lemon1/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut2 tablespoons graham cracker crumbs1/2 cup Grape Nuts or granola cereal1 tablespoon granulated stevia extract, or to taste1 teaspoon ground cinnamon2 ripe Bosc pears, slightly firm to touch3 cups 2% plain Greek YogurtDirectionsIn a medium bowl, combine the lemon juice, coconut, graham cracker crumbs, cereal, sweetener, and cinnamon.Peel, core, and finely chop the pears. Spoon the yogurt into 4 bowls and top with the fruit and coconut mixture or sprinkle directly onto each individual container of yogurt.Note: This recipe can do double-duty as dessert if you serve it up parfait style. Spoon 1/8 of the pears into the bottom of each of 4 bowls or parfait glasses. Add 1/8 of the cereal mixture, then 1/2 cup of yogurt. Repeat with the remaining pears, cereal mixture, and yogurt.Serves 4Coriander Grilled Beef Tacos with Kimchi and Bean SproutsIngredients1 1/2lb flank steak2 tablespoons olive oil6 scallions, sliced3 limes, juiced1/4 cup fresh cilantro2 garlic cloves, smashed and finely chopped2 tablespoons tamari2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar2 tablespoons mirin2 tablespoons black sesame seed6 cloves roasted garlic6 corn tortillas1 quarter cup melted butter6 ounces of your favorite store-bought Korean kimchi1 cup of bean sproutsDirectionsHeat the broiler to 500 degrees then take the steak and put it into a Ziploc bag with the olive oil, scallions, lime juice, cilantro, garlic, tamari, rice wine vinegar, mirin, black sesame and roasted garlic. Marinate everything together for one hour, place on a baking sheet and broil until medium rare — about six to eight minutes — and  turn half way through. Let rest for 5 minutes. Very thinly slice the flank steak against the grain. Once sliced, cut the slices into fine strips, almost a julienne. Then warm tortillas, brushing them with melted butter, before toasting in a dry pan. Build your tacos by layering the steak, kimchi, and bean sprouts. Finish with a squirt of fresh lime and sea salt and let the fiesta roll.Serves 4 How to Clean a Fish: A Quick Reference Guidelast_img read more

first_imgTORONTO — Ontario’s medical regulator says it has received dozens of complaints in the last month over doctors advocating for gun control.The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario says it cannot confirm the content of the nearly 70 complaints received nor which physicians are named.But a group of doctors pushing for a national ban on privately owned handguns and assault weapons says one of its leaders is the main target.The group Doctors for Protection from Guns says most if not all the complaints are about Dr. Najma Ahmed, a Toronto trauma surgeon who treated victims of a fatal mass shooting last summer.Another organization, the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, has urged its supporters to file complaints about Ahmed with the college, arguing physicians should not take political positions.In a tweet last month, one of the coalition’s staff members said she was submitting a complaint because it is “immoral” for a doctor to use her influence for political purposes.The college, meanwhile, said Friday a committee is reviewing the complaints and will determine whether to investigate further or designate them as “frivolous and vexatious.”“The CPSO’s legislated complaints process is generally intended to focus on clinical care or professional behaviour,” the college’s registrar, Nancy Whitmore, said in a statement.“The CPSO’s role is not to resolve political disagreements when clinical care/outcomes or professional conduct is not in question. We recognize that physicians can play an important role by advocating for system-level change in a socially accountable manner.”Whitmore also expressed concerns that complaints about political issues could divert resources from examining complaints related to clinical care.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

first_img“A normal child doesn’t travel across the country, killing people. A child in some very serious pain does,” Schmegelsky told CTV News on Wednesday.Bryers father even believes if he is caught, he will go out in a blaze of glory. “He wants his hurt to end. They’re going to go out in a blaze of glory. Trust me on this. That’s what they’re going to do.”19-year-old Kam McLeod and 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky are suspects in the deaths of three people in Northern B.C.Manitoba RCMP confirmed Tuesday that the vehicle the two were driving was found burnt near the community of Gillam. The search for the suspects is still underway, and there is now a significant police presence in the Northern Manitoba community. MILL BAY, B.C. – CTV News is reporting that Bryer Schmegelsky father believes he is now on a suicide mission.Alan Schmegelsk, told CTV News, “He’s on a suicide mission. He wants his pain to end,” he said, breaking down into tears. “Basically, he’s going to be dead today or tomorrow. I know that. Rest in peace, Bryer. I love you. I’m so sorry all this had to happen.”Bryers father went onto say he had a troubled upbringing and struggled through his parent’s divorce in 2005.  The following video is from the Canadian Press.last_img read more

By Jonathan WalshRabat – The widow of former Islamic State leader Abu Sayyaf was charged on Monday , with  conspiracy relating to the death of US hostage Kayla Mueller.Mueller had travelled to Syria in 2013 to do aid work, but was kidnapped. The 26-year-old American died in February 2015. The Islamic State had claimed her death was the result of Jordanian air strikes on IS locations in Raqqa. Prosecutors allege that Nisreen Assad Ibrahim Baher – also known as Umm Sayyaf, was responsible for her captivity.It is believed that Sayyaf kept Mueller captive for long periods, and she was repeatedly force to have sex with Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Bagdahdi.According to accounts by another hostage who was held at the same time al-Bagdahdi took her as a “wife”, repeatedly raping her whenever he visited.Abu Sayyaf, Umm’s husband and the Islamic State minister for oil and gas, was killed in the same Delta Force raids that she was captured. Umm Sayyaf is currently being held in Iraqi custody following the charges.In a statement published yesterday, Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, Head of the US Justice Department’s national security division, said, “We fully support the Iraqi prosecution of Sayyaf and will continue to work with the authorities there to pursue our shared goal of holding Sayyaf accountable for her crimes.”“At the same time, these charges reflect that the US justice system remains a powerful tool to bring to bear against those who harm our citizens abroad.”The sentiment echoes promises made by US President Barack Obama following Muellers death, when he said, “the United States will find and bring to justice the terrorists who are responsible for Kayla’s captivity and death.”The President added that the former aid worker “epitomized all that is good in our world.”Edited by Timothy Filla read more

VATICAN CITY — The Latest on a Vatican summit on climate change (all times local):3:50 p.m.Some of the world’s major oil producers have committed to supporting “economically meaningful” carbon pricing regimes at the end of a Vatican summit on climate change.The companies, including ExxonMobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Total, Chevron and Eni, said in a joint statement Friday that governments should set such pricing regimes at a level that encourages business and investment, while “minimizing the costs to vulnerable communities and supporting economic growth.”The CEOs, as well as heads of major asset managers such as BlackRock and BNP Paribas, also called for oil companies to provide clarity for investors about the risks climate change poses to their businesses and how they plan to transition to cleaner energy sources.The joint statement was issued at the end of a closed-door summit and a personal appeal by Pope Francis.___2:05 p.m.Pope Francis is warning oil executives that a “radical energy transition” to clean, low-carbon power sources is needed to stave off the effects of a rapidly warming planet.Francis told the leaders at a Vatican summit Friday that there was still time to avoid the worst effects of climate change but that “prompt and resolution action” is required.The meeting marked the second year that Francis has invited oil and financial sector executives to the Vatican to impress upon them his concern that preserving God’s creation is one of the fundamental challenges facing humankind today. The agenda included talks about energy transition, carbon pricing and transparency in reporting climate risk.Outside the summit a half-dozen protesters held up signs urging the executives to listen to the pope.The Associated Press read more

Kutila Pinto, who is also currently the executive director of Pan Oceanic Bank, has extensive experience in different industry sectors, local and international markets and cultures.In thanking Minister Tozaka, Pinto said he will be working towards procuring necessary skills, technical assistance and potential business investment from Sri Lanka with the assistance of his High Commission in Canberra to develop a framework to work on the areas if tourism development, development in coconut and related industries and enhancing technical and skill sets of Solomon Islander who are interested in becoming banking and finance professionals.“I also take this opportunity to thank you the Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MAFET) Hon. Milner Tozaka for you support and continuous development of diplomatic relationship with Sri Lanka,” Pinto said. (Colombo Gazette) “Mr Pinto, our countries being members of the Commonwealth, I believe that it is necessary to not only strive to strengthen bilateral and multilateral collaboration, but also share our development experiences.“Furthermore, I encourage you to keep the line of dialogue between our countries open,” Minister Tozaka said in at statement on Tuesday. The Solomon Islands is keen to work with Sri Lanka on regional security, the Solomon Islands Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MAFET) Milner Tozaka said.He said this at a meeting with Sri Lanka’s new Honorary Consul to Solomon Islands Kutila Pinto. Minister Tozaka congratulated Pinto’s appointment saying Solomon Islands looked to cooperate with Sri Lanka on issues of trade, investment, climate change, disaster management, sports, people-to-people diplomacy and regional security. “Being the second formal diplomatic representative of Sri Lanka in Honiara since diplomatic ties were established on the 3rd of July, 2013; I laud both countries on seeking to improve relations through your appointment. read more

A man in his 50s was taken to hospital in critical condition after a bike accident this afternoon.The man was riding a BMX-style bike at Kelso Conservation Area in Milton when he fell. It took crews an hour to remove him from the path and bring him to an awaiting Ornge Air ambulance. He was airlifted to Hamilton General hospital.Halton EMS say he suffered injuries to his neck and may be paralyzed.

Speaking to journalists in New York after a closed-door briefing to the 15-member Council, UN Special Representative Jose Ramos Horta said that “the situation remains peaceful and we are on track to continuing the efforts on return to constitutional order in Guinea-Bissau.”He credited the stabilization in the country on cooperation between national authorities and key groups – the African Union (AU), the Economic Community of West African States, (ECOWAS), the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPSP), and the UN. Soldiers in Guinea-Bissau – which has had a history of coups, misrule and political instability since it gained independence from Portugal in 1974 – seized power in April 2012. Constitutional order has still not been restored in the country, where a transitional government is in place until elections are held.General and presidential elections had been scheduled for later this year, but due to issues of financing and other logistical reasons, might be delayed, the Special Representative told journalists.“It is preferable that they be held on 24 November, but if it has to be postponed, it will be postponed for a very short period of time,” said Mr. Horta, who is also the head of the UN political mission in Guinea-Bissau (UNIOGBIS). Mr. Horta cautioned, however, that while a short delay would not create new challenges, a more significant delay could “destabilize the political situation, undermining the efforts we have achieved so far.”Turning to the issue of drug trafficking which has plagued the country, Mr. Horta said Transitional President Serifo Nhamadjo has said he will send a letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon requesting an international commission of investigation into drug trafficking and organized crime in Guinea-Bissau.He is also seeking a second letter to Mr. Ban requesting an investigation into serious crimes of the past, Mr. Horta said calling these steps by the authorities “courageous”.In July, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Šimonovic urged the Government of Guinea-Bissau to take greater steps to fight impunity, which has grown with the decline of human rights after the coup. read more

Upward trend for UK engine manufacturing continues in February, with 3.0% growth in a second record month for 2017.1237,803 engines produced, driven by overseas demand, up by 5.5%.Stability in output for the home market, with -0.1% contraction in shorter February.Overall production grows 7.3% in the year to date to 472,879 units. Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said,As overseas demand for British-built engines continues to grow in 2017, these figures tell a positive story about recent investments in the sector. The majority of engines made here are exported so, like much of UK automotive manufacturing, future success will be predicated on maintaining the industry’s competitiveness and securing tariff-free trade with the EU and key international markets.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

first_imgOutotec recently announced that it had been awarded a contract by Southern Copper Corporation, a subsidiary of Grupo Mexico SAB de CV, for the delivery of concentrate filtration plant to the Toquepala concentrator expansion in Southern Peru. The contract value exceeds €15 million and it has been booked in Outotec’s 2017 first quarter order intake.Outotec’s scope of delivery includes the engineering and supply of a filtration plant consisting of automatic pressure filters, ancillaries and control as well as related installation supervision and commissioning services including spare parts. The equipment and services will be delivered mostly during the second half of 2017. The expansion is expected to increase the annual production capacity by 100,000 t of copper.“We are pleased to have been given the opportunity to deliver the filtration plant to the expansion project of the Toquepala copper operations. Our comprehensive portfolio of dewatering equipment enables us to tailor efficient and environmentally sound solutions and services for copper concentrate processing”, says Kimmo Kontola, head of Outotec’s Minerals Processing Business Unit.last_img read more

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article ‘A lot of my book was painful to write – I was admitting the things I’ve f**ked up’ 3FE founder Colin Harmon self-published a title for his master’s degree. WORLD-CLASS BARISTA Colin Harmon says that writing his first book “struck up a lot of painful memories”.The founder of coffee firm 3FE, Harmon’s self-published title – What I Know About Running Coffee Shops – promises a blend of “(business) lessons, anecdotes and stories”.“There are lots of books about coffee and lots of books about business,” he told Fora. ”I kind of filled the gap a little bit.”3FE – which stands for Third Floor Espresso – has earned a reputation as one of Ireland’s most respected coffee brands.The company was founded in 2009 after Harmon left a career in finance to compete in the World Barista Championships. He built a replica of the competition stage in his third-floor apartment – hence the name – and finished fourth the first year he competed.Today, 3FE operates two shops, a sister café, a subscription service, an online store, a wholesale business, and it also hosts a series of workshops on making the perfect brew.Harmon always had ambitions of becoming a writer and toyed with the idea of penning a book for about six years.He decided to pursue the project a year and a half ago after he enrolled in a master’s course in innovation, entrepreneurship and design at UCD’s Smurfit business school.“As part of that course you have to launch a business,” he said. “It kind of presented me with the ideal opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.” Source: 3FEHarmon decided to self-finance the book as part of his degree, although he had considered going down the traditional publishing route.“I was more of the mindset that this could be the only book that I ever do, so I just wanted to do it on my own terms,” he said.Although he hasn’t calculated the exact figures, Harmon is “quite confident” that it was more cost-effective for him to put out the book.He recruited Workgroup designers Conor Nolan and David Wall – who came up with the 3FE logo – to do the layout. Ian Lamont, the former editor of lifestyle free sheet Totally Dublin, edited it.Harmon also sent drafts of the book to friends he knew would “relish the opportunity to criticise it”.When the book won approval from his wife – who is “bored to tears by coffee” – Harmon said it was his “first victory”.Painful memoriesThe writing process itself was relatively easy because many of the chapters were inspired by questions regularly asked by Harmon’s wholesale clients.“A lot the writing came quite quick, to the point where I thought I was doing it wrong,” he said. “I was just so used to rattling off the answers.”Between running his business, finishing a master’s degree and dedicating time to his two young sons, finding the hours to sit down and write was the most difficult part.To speed up the process, Harmon used the time he spent sitting in traffic on the way home from work to dictate parts of the book on his phone.“I’d just talk to myself all the way home. Then when I got home, I’d give the boys their dinner, put them to bed and type out what I’d written. It was a unique way of pulling it together, but it worked for me.”Although the writing came naturally, Harmon said a lot of the book was “very painful”.“I was kind of admitting the things I’ve fucked up in the last five or six years,” he said. “I’m almost writing this back to myself. If I could back in time, this is what I’d say.”International salesWhat I Know About Running Coffee Shops will be launched on 20 April, but Harmon said the title is going “nowhere near a traditional bookshop”.Instead it will be available in 3FE’s Dublin cafés and online. It will also be stocked by many of the 80 businesses the firm supplies coffee to.It will be distributed internationally through coffee-shop owners who Harmon met at the World Barista Championships and from travelling to promote Mythos, a coffee grinder he helped develop.“I know businesses like ours in Singapore and Sydney and Seattle. I’ve just got in contact with them and asked how many boxes they’ll take and shipped them out.” Get the top business news from Fora delivered to your inbox: 33,812 Views Image: 3FE By Fora Staff Sunday 16 Apr 2017, 9:30 PM Read: How much money Irish firms could make from solar – and where they can get itRead: Ireland has slipped down a global tourism index – but the industry isn’t too worried Image: 3FE Share Tweet Email15 Take me to Fora Source: 3FEHarmon expects international sales will be helped by Tamper Tantrum, a podcast he co-created that attracts up to 50,000 downloads a month.The first print run is about 10,000 books. However, based on the number of pre-orders, it’s likely there will be a second run.“Just over 4,000 of them are going to Hong Kong and the rest of them have pretty much been spoken for,” he said.Asked what’s next for 3FE, Harmon said he will soon open a new coffee business that will “have its own identity and remit”.This comes shortly after he opened Five Points Coffee in Harold’s Cross with former employee Adam Sheridan. Harmon also plans in the coming months to re-launch 3FE’s online store.“Our web sales are growing,” he said. “There are a lot of people, especially outside of Dublin, who want a good coffee and they can’t (get one) because there’s no decent café nearby.”Written by Conor McMahon and posted on Short URL 13 Comments Apr 16th 2017, 9:30 PM last_img read more