first_imgStill, in an extraordinarily unpredictable year, Mr. Tillis benefited from some late developments that shook up the race. After the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in mid-September, he moved swiftly to capitalize on the election-season court vacancy to reassure conservatives skeptical about his candidacy.Mr. Tillis immediately said he would vote to confirm whomever Mr. Trump nominated, and as a member of the Judiciary Committee, he had a highly visible public stage to showcase his role in helping install Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, cementing a conservative majority that Republicans have made one of their top priorities.Another break came in early October, when it was revealed that Mr. Cunningham had carried on an extramarital affair, including during the campaign. Details were not particularly steamy by contemporary standards, but the United States Army Reserve opened an investigation because Mr. Cunningham was an officer, and The Charlotte Observer, the state’s largest paper, scrapped plans to endorse him after his evasive response.- Advertisement – Mr. Tillis and a cavalry of outside Republican groups spent the duration of the campaign hammering Mr. Cunningham on the airwaves for his conduct. Mr. Cunningham apologized and said he took “complete responsibility,” but he had staked his campaign on his character and his military service, making the revelations all the more damaging. His decision to hunker down and avoid questions about the scandal only fanned the flames.“Veterans know we can’t trust Cal Cunningham,” said an unnamed veteran in one ad run by Mr. Tillis’s campaign. As Mr. Trump’s own standing with voters dropped, Mr. Tillis was in a difficult position. He toiled to appeal to independent voters who had become disillusioned with the president, but also could not risk further alienating Mr. Trump’s base. The result was a jumble that pleased no one. Mr. Tillis sponsored a bill to protect Robert S. Mueller III, the former special counsel, and initially opposed using Pentagon funds for the border wall, Mr. Trump’s signature campaign promise.But fearing a backlash from the president’s loyal supporters, Mr. Tillis reversed himself on the wall and voted to uphold a national emergency declaration by Mr. Trump that allowed the president to siphon millions of dollars from North Carolina military installations to build the structure. Mr. Cunningham called it a betrayal of his own state.- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement –last_img read more

first_imgDoes our struggle make sense?I am from Dalmatia. After fulfilling all the criteria of nonsense, as I like to say, achieving everything that society expects and supports (achieving a career and financial independence) I felt the need to do something for the country. I quit my job and the life I had known until then and set out on my journey, giving up money in Lent, believing that our country, despite all the force of negative thoughts we are sprayed with on a daily basis, has good.Believing that a country stuck in the definitions of the past, in its deep nonsense where we talk on a daily basis about who took how much from the box office, who looks wrong when when he shakes hands with his left hand and kisses his right cheek, has his good side . I see that there are good and noble people in itthe system as we know it today is not complete, which has not been trampled by that beautiful fighting and creative human spirit. The will for a better tomorrow.I worked in tourism and marketing for years. Last summer, when I saw vultures taxi drivers, obviously unaware of the better way, standing next to the bus and pulling tourists by the sleeve in the hope of skinning them or just taking them over, I had a so-called aha moment. This is not the tourism I learned about. This is not the tourism I look into. What went wrong? We have the most beautiful country in the world, the cleanest sea and a beautiful history. A history that, apart from the part tainted by territorial wars, abounds in legends and myths, stories that many others would not be able to invent in their wildest imagination. Customs and traditions. And we allowed the whole world to discover it before us. Every year, hordes of people rediscover everything that our country hides, and we sit on a chair with the inscription zimmer fry, waiting for them to spit on another euro. Not knowing the right answer to the question why, looking only at the next investment. And so it goes round and round.Hand on heart, there are tourism workers, my colleagues, who give themselves the idea to break another record in the arrival of people on the coast, however I am not sure they know why they are doing this. I refuse to believe that the reason is pure profit. Figures. I had been selling land to foreigners for years, and I had no idea what I was selling to them. For yearsI’m talking about the pre-season and the post-season, because we’re already shooting at the seams during the season, without moving further than my Zadar camp. I don’t want that anymore. I no longer want to do tourism whose definition is to skin or sell for money without experience. I don’t want to be part of an industry that no longer has its soul. I do not want to sell them a little, in addition to all the material that my Dalmatia now abounds in, which is why I love this country. I don’t want to sell them my soul. For the money.I set off from Zagreb on a journey through the country. The journey that ends at the end of Lent in Zadar (when I will make the biggest party in the history of this country for 0 kuna, if I survive this dangerous country without a single penny in my pocket), the city where I grew up and learned to do tourism. A city that until recently I completely felt, and stopped when I realized that it now has its price that counts in money. And in theory. No more in the experiences that created me as a man from Dalmatia.Earth, that’s us. These are people. The earth is in us, not on paper, not in law. And that’s why I went on my way to meet people. I was surprised at how many wonderful legends we have. In just a few days of my journey, I met people from different segments of society; homeless Stefica, a drunk on my beer bus Bob Dylan, a group of young legends of caterers who want something better for themselves and see that they can, even though they were told otherwise, people who leave the country because it makes sense, Biancawho lives with the homeless until she gets along and finds some decent job with which to pay for college, a tram controller Charlie who despite his stain his uniform wears doesn’t take the smile off his face, David a bad blue boy who hates and has no idea why he hates, young entrepreneurs who have been killed by the papers in their dream, but who do not give in to nonsense but continue to walk the beaten path in the hope that one day they will be better, people in suits of which only suits remain.I experienced ice. I’m not talking about the cold. I’m talking about the feeling when you have nowhere to sleep, when your feet are burning from the ice, when it’s warmest and only logical to be in a tram that heats up. When you pass by a church whose doors are closed even though there is no one in it, which has heating that you pay for, and which is purposefully used only on Sundays. Empty, and so many people could warm up if she did what that same God they wholeheartedly want wants. Just good.Everything is a lie!Photo: Person XPhoto: Person xI was in Slavonia. It is not true that she is poor. Everything I know about Slavonia is a pure lie. It is true that half of Slavonia left its region. It is true that there are fewer and fewer young people. But it is far from the truth that Slavonia is poor. My Dalmatia is the one that is poor. Because when your eyes go crazy and become greedy, and when you start renting a dog house, while living in a container just to earn a little more, you are poor. How else to explain that animal urge forearnings and extra money. How do you explain when you never have enough? How do you explain that you sell yourself and yours for another night in an apartment to some drunk Swabian for 23 euros? And you didn’t show him what he was buying, you didn’t tell him good afternoon in Croatian, you didn’t show him where you went out when you were young or where the old team gathered or why cards were played in every canton (if that’s still the case) works). My Dalmatia is poor. She no longer has a soul. Honor exceptions, but theirsthe soul slowly disappears towards those who vultures pull the walking euros towards themselves.Slavonia does not have much money, but it has nature. He has a soul bigger than anything. He has a spirit, he has himself. Man was created to work and be useful, but the work we understand him today is working in a company of 7-3 or 9-5. If you don’t work within that framework, you’re a moron who failed. You’re a moron who doesn’t know any better. But that is not true. When I get fed up with being one of those people who thought like that, I feel bad. I am ashamed of myself and the image I have created in my head about the normal. It’s not normal to work towards a horse for a year and then go to some Indonesia or Australia for 3 weeks to live a little. It’s not normal to suffer in order to live, no matter how much you convince yourself that the work you do is actually great. It’s not. Life is great, we just forgot to live it. We have complicated it so much that we no longer know what life is for. And it’s basically so lip and so simple. Only when you are not a slave to matter. Slavonia is grateful. That’s a lesson I had to learn. Not everyone can be grateful, you don’t get it, you are not born with it. You have to experience that. You have your warm apartment and your warm bed, but only when you don’t have it and when you don’t have the option but to be on the ice, only then do you learn to be grateful for the warmth. Which you did until yesterday, he takes for granted. Like your country, like your life, your family and yourself.For granted. When you don’t have much, you know how to be grateful for a little. It’s a fucking skill. You are fed up with the war. But don’t get fed up with it just by how they shot at us and how we died. You are fed up with war so that it makes sense today, greater than the very bitterness that still remains in us. Get fed up, you who can, how much was the food worth to you then? How much the news was worth to you that your brother is alive and well. Get fed up with how we were together. You are fed up with that gratitude for your life, which for some reason you still have today, unlike others.Croatian joy? Photo: Person XNot to speak at length and at length, I will jump to the point of this story. I have an idea. When I was riding the train from Zagreb to Pakrac, I was sitting in a compartment with some wonderful people (Domagoj, Marina, Elizabeta, her German partner and another quiet withdrawn guy) with whom I came up with a wonderful idea. Imagine if HŽ (Hrvatska Žalost) became HR (Hrvatska Radost). Imagine if she gave us only one train, which would depart from Split (or from where there is already a railway that we have been pampering with our money for years) to Slavonia (to Osijek, Vukovar, irrelevant). Imagine if all our Dalmatians boarded that train of joy and set out to deliver a dose of youth and joy to this Slavonia of ours, which was left without youth and joy. Imagine when all these Dalmatians in Slavonia would receive their dose of gratitude, when they would experience it. Imagine seeing what it means to work around the house, to help old people who do not have young strength, and still have their own strong Slavonian spirit. Imagine when you would exchange joy and gratitude? Woof.Dear Croatian Railways, person X writes to you. I want you to give us a train. Which will go for free from Dalmatia to Slavonia. I don’t care what the train will be like. I don’t care if the seat is clean or if the toilet smells of pine trees or stinks of pee. I don’t care if there will be compartments or there will be cars without seats. I want you to think about it. If the problem is to pay the driver, I have a solution. I personally will go to evening school (I learned from your driver that this is also possible) to become a driver byby your standards. And then I’ll drive people for free, you don’t even have to pay me. Dear person in charge of recognizing ideas, please recognize this idea before the people realize that this one train I am asking of you is actually theirs, ours. Dear person who makes decisions about projects worth mentioning, please find me before the people get angry because you are thinking about one seemingly very simple and meaningful idea. Let’s combine green and blue. To bring back joy and show gratitude. To experience this our country for which we have fought for so many years, with others and with ourselves.Dear Croatia of Sorrow, please become Croatian Joy. Please, before it’s too late. I may not have the money, but I have an idea. And I’m very willing to talk about her. Find me. Meet the person you work for. Express your interest and take action towards me. I would love to hear what you think of the idea. It would be logical for me to leave you my contact details so that we can realize the idea faster if you see the meaning in it. But often what is logical is not true. So I want you to make an effort to find out who I am. Find out the way to me. And I peek, just as I peek into this country of ours and the people who still live in it and with it, that you will find me. I am not ashamed of myself or my roots, I just want you to find them in me.Restore faith to this people in a system that they have been consciously or unconsciously supporting for years. Or don’t. It’s your decision.Author: Person XNote: Information about the author is known to the editorial staff of the portallast_img read more

first_imgThe new government was thrashed out earlier this month in a reshuffle seen by analysts as a bid by Macron to improve his reelection chances in 2022.Critics say the government is still way too big — and the official photographer would have struggled to fit in all the ministers plus Castex and Macron spread out on the grass with a one-meter gap between them.They do not wear masks in the photo, but did put them back on upon leaving the Elysee Palace, with ministers keen to set a good example amid concerns of a new rise in cases.”The French expect concrete results from us. This is what we are committed to! Let us continue change to build a better economic, social, environmental and cultural future,” Macron tweeted with the new portrait. France’s new cabinet posed for its official photograph Wednesday, standing in an unusual, spaced formation to observe social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.Rather than the traditional shoulder-to-shoulder group shot, the portrait is taken from afar to fit President Emmanuel Macron’s new 43-member team into the frame on the Elysee Palace’s lawn.The 30 ministers and 12 junior ministers under new Prime Minister Jean Castex appear tiny, their shadows long in the empty space between them, and their faces almost indistinguishable in the photo dominated by large trees in the far background. Topics :last_img read more

first_imgAdvertisement Comment Arsenal and Man Utd eye January transfer move for Juventus defender Merih Demiral Merih Demiral has been deemed surplus to requirements by Juventus (Picture: Getty)Arsenal and Manchester United are keeping a close eye on Merih Demiral ahead of the January transfer window with the Juventus defender having been deemed surplus to requirements.The Serie A champions paid Sassuolo €18million for the 21-year-old in the summer but he has been unable to win over his new manager Maurizio Sarri, who has used him on just one occasion this season in all competitions.According to Tuttosport, Juventus are looking to make a quick profit on the Turkey international and would consider a bid in the region of €40m once the transfer window reopens in January.Despite a serious injury suffered by Georgio Chiellini, Demiral has been unable to force his way into Sarri’s first team plans with former Arsenal transfer target Daniel Rugani, as well as Matthijs de Ligt and Leonardo Bonucci, the former Chelsea manager’s preferred options.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTArsenal tempted Juventus with a loan offer for Rugani in the summer which was knocked back, before they turned their attention to signing David Luiz. Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 16 Nov 2019 12:43 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link380Shares Arsenal tried to sign Daniel Rugani in the summer from Juventus (Picture: Getty)The presence of the experienced Brazilian has done little to rectify Arsenal’s defensive issues with Unai Emery’s side having 17 goals this season with only Burnley having shipped more of the teams currently in the top half of the table.United, meanwhile, have shown significant signs of defensive improvement this term following the additions of Harry Maguire and Aaron Wan-Bissaka in the summer but, according to Tuttosport, both clubs have sent scouts to watch Demiral in action for Turkey recently.Demiral has made 10 senior appearances for the Turkey national team and regularly partners Leicester’s Caglar Soyuncu.Will Arsenal make any signings in JanuaryYes0%No0%Share your resultsShare your resultsTweet your resultsMore: Manchester United FCRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseEx-Man Utd coach blasts Ed Woodward for two key transfer errors Advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgThe home at 9 Kintail Place is on the market in Narangba.THIS two-storey Queenslander style home is on the market in Narangba. The home at 9 Kintail Place has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a downstairs retreat and a fenced swimming pool — all on a 800sq m block. Phil and Rebecca Abbott bought the property eight years ago with their three children in mind. “We liked the Queenslander style of the property and the elevated position — you get the ocean breezes and nice views,” Mr Abbott said. “It was just such an open and relaxing home.” The rotunda is a great place for barbecues.Downstairs there is the retreat area with bathroom that would be perfect for teenagers. Mr Abbott said the home was tucked away from the road on a battle axe block.“It’s very private and quiet and it’s on a nice street with lovely neighbours,” he said. The property also has a double lockup garage, solar panels, water tanks and a garden shed. The yard is fully fenced and the pergola and timber deck are next to the swimming pool. Mr Abbott said the home could easily be set up for dual living. The home has open plan living spaces.More from newsLand grab sees 12 Sandstone Lakes homesites sell in a week21 Jun 2020Tropical haven walking distance from the surf9 Oct 2019In the time they have owned the property, the Abbotts have built in downstairs, adding a rumpus room, bedroom and bathroom, and put in a swimming pool, pergola and deck. Upstairs the home has high ceilings and an open plan living, dining and kitchen area that opens to the veranda through french doors. There is timber flooring in the living space and the master bedroom has a walk-in robe and ensuite. Mr Abbott said the wraparound veranda was a great place to sit and relax and the rotunda was perfect for family barbecues and get-togethers.last_img read more

first_imgThe £17bn (€23.6bn) National Grid UK Pension Scheme has appointed Philips Pensioenfonds CIO Rob Schreur as chief executive.Schreur will take up his new role at the UK pension scheme for the privatised electricity network operator in the autumn.He is to head up the executive team, which will report to the scheme’s trustees, advising on asset-manager monitoring, investment strategy and liability management.The National Grid Pension Scheme recently placed its in-house investment manager up for sale. National Grid wholly owns Aerion Fund Management, which controlled around 75% of the pension fund’s assets, but, as the scheme matured and sought to shift towards a more complex liability-driven investment (LDI) strategy, it decided to offload the asset manager.The sales process is still ongoing.Schreur leaves Philips Pensioenfonds after more than 15 years.At the €18bn Dutch scheme, he was responsible for the overall investment strategy, asset-liability management (ALM), asset allocation, risk management and oversight.Nigel Stapleton, chair of National Grid scheme trustees, said Schreur’s experience in ALM and European best practices would be invaluable.last_img read more

first_imgMistake number three for pension funds is a misuse of time horizons. Around 80% of BlackRock’s clients can liquidate 90% of their portfolios within 30 days. But, as Arter and Stephens asked, why would they ever need to do that? Their time horizons span 20 to 30 years or more.The issue is: what does it cost them to be able to liquidate portfolios within 30 days? The illiquidity premium on something like infrastructure is 1% a year, which again, compared to expected annual returns of 3.4%, is a hefty premium.Yet if there is one competitive advantage that pension funds have over other investors it is that they are long-term investors. What appears to be preventing greater use of illiquid assets are issues such as governance; access for smaller pension funds who may only be able to invest in pooled investment vehicles; diversification for small schemes; and risk modelling of illiquid assets. As Arter and Stephens argued, these issues can be overcome.Mistake number four, the pair said, is that pension funds are not efficient at managing the total risk of their portfolios. They underestimate the risks on the liability side such as the impact of inflation. As Arter and Stephens pointed out, 75% of pension schemes in the UK are now cashflow negative. Gilt yields would have to go up by 2%-3% across the yield curve for this to change.Finally, Arter and Stephens argued that pension funds should undertake a more critical assessment of the advice they actually receive. Manager selection can be assessed ex-post. Strategic asset allocation, however, is an area that is not enough attention in terms of both obtaining advice and assessing the quality of that advice.While not everyone would agree with Arter and Stephens’ list of the top five pension fund mistakes, they certainly can’t be ignored. Pension funds consistently make five mistakes. So argued Justin Arter and Andrew Stephens at BlackRock in a recent seminar.Mistake number one: Trustees focus too much on the micro rather than the macro. They spend de minimus on asset allocation, which arguably is the most important decision that pension funds can make. Of the 20 hours a year a trustee typically spends on work for the corporate pension scheme, most of it is spent on compliance and other micro issues. Indeed, Arter and Stephens argued that there was a reverse order of importance on the amount of time spent on any task. Manager selection, in this context, the pair saw as not a particularly good use of a trustee’s scarce time.The second mistake: There is not enough recalibration of assumptions in the context of the market environment. For example, while asset values have increased tremendously, so have liabilities. The returns for growth assets are likely to be much lower than the historical experience. BlackRock said it expected 3.4% a year for equity returns for the world ex-UK.That leaves four options for pension funds. Firstly, do nothing – and indeed, some pension funds believe they should not change asset allocations as they can weather the storm. Secondly, pension funds could access different betas by changing asset allocation, moving to new asset classes such as emerging markets. Thirdly, they could get a return kicker from active management: if beta returns are only 3.4% a year, 1% alpha on top is a huge proportion of total returns. Fourthly, pension funds could move into illiquid asset classes. These may tie up capital but typically generate higher long-term returns.last_img read more

first_imgStatehouse—On Thursday, members of the Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus announced their plans to address Indiana’s marijuana laws. Senate Democratic Chair Karen Tallian (D-Ogden Dunes) and State Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) presented two proposals aimed at limiting the number of individuals arrested for possession of marijuana.Sen. Tallian’s proposal, Senate Bill (SB) 114, would reduce the penalty for the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana to an infraction for a first offense.“We are well behind the times in the State of Indiana when it comes to cannabis,” Sen. Tallian said. “It’s time to allow debate and public input on this matter, and it is time we catch up with our neighbors. In 2018 and 2019, there were over 22,000 arrests yearly for possession of small amounts of marijuana. There is no justification for this.”The second proposal, SB 86, authored by Sen. Taylor, provides a defense for the possession of less than two ounces of marijuana, as long as the person has an authorized prescription for medical marijuana or has been certified by a physician for treatment with marijuana. Sen. Taylor also disclosed his disapproval of SB 436, authored by Sen. Mike Young. SB 436 would give the Indiana Attorney General the power to prosecute marijuana cases in counties where local prosecutors have chosen not to prosecute such cases.“Our marijuana laws are unjust, ineffective and outdated, and states and cities across the nation are increasingly coming to this conclusion,” Sen. Taylor said. “It’s time Indiana did the same. My bill would ensure that individuals with valid medicinal marijuana cards from other states are not thrown in jail here.“The Marion County prosecutor’s decision to no longer prosecute small marijuana possession offenses in Indianapolis was a great step forward, and we need to lean into that, instead of reversing course. That’s why I’m calling on Hoosiers to step up and express their discontent for SB 436, and show their support for Senate Democratic bills that aim to move Indiana forward on the topic of cannabis.”The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee is scheduled to hear SB 436 on Tuesday, January 28. The two Senate Democratic marijuana bills were assigned to the same committee but have not been scheduled for hearings. Tuesday’s committee hearing is the final opportunity to hear Senate bills in Corrections.last_img read more

first_imgAnna Mae Wagner, of Batesville, passed away, Saturday, February 8th, at St. Andrew’s Healthcare in Batesville, where she had been a resident for the past several years.  She died two weeks before her 100th birthday.  One of two children, she was born Feb. 23, 1920 on a farm in between Napoleon and Lookout, Indiana, the daughter of John and Laura Burkhardt Niehaus.On April 30, 1938, she was married to Virgil J. Wagner in Morris, Indiana at St. Anthony Church. Mr. Wagner died on August 20, 1990.  In addition to her parents and her husband of fifty-two years, she is also preceded in death by her brother Albert Niehaus.Together they had four children, Eugene J. Wagner (Gayle) of Beech Grove, Indiana; Gary Wagner of Sheridan, Indiana; Darlene Wagner Jonas (Dave) of The Villages, Florida; and Debbie Wagner, a resident of St. Andrew’s Healthcare in Batesville, Indiana; 11 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildrenAnn and Virgil owned and operated Wagner’s Repair Service and the Wagner’s Trailer Court. In addition to their 26 years of devoted service to the community through their business, they were also involved with New Horizon’s Workshop, where their daughter attended for many years.A Mass of Christian burial will be held at St. Louis Catholic Church on Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. with burial following in the church cemetery.  Memorial contributions may be made to the New Horizon’s Workshop or the St. Andrew’s Health Campus Activity Fund and sent to the Weigel Funeral Home (P.O. Box 36, Batesville, Indiana, 47006) in care of the Wagner family.  For online condolences go to Mo xiaobei added two more fingers, five bai nen s fingers appeared in PDF GED-Science Vce-And-Pdf front of wang ning five million or fifty million wang ning didn t raise. Fast attack and fast hit, and one shrinking together to defend, and occasionally making a move, they could swallow a huge piece from the enemy. All over naturally, someone called the original reporter and audience notify them that the venue has been changed you can also come directly. Helpless and most desperate thing even if the person he is facing is a son, even if he knows that his son is filial even if part of the son. Level knowledge of advanced mathematics, but also tested it on tests the fermat conjecture although it has not been verified, he has no. Wisdom, it may be almost academic, but it is not ambiguous in administration professor cheng is younger than wu bingbai, but he is also very. 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Is still very efficient and has a lot of methods with this capital, we can go one step further in the future it s all possible this is what. Even talk about salary at all, as long as they can enter the wang ning studio, other aspects can then again, it doesn pdf download t matter if you don t. Come to win me not to mention that one of ronald s missions to china is to win over wang ning even though he has been pouring dirty water on. System different from wang ning s conjecture no matter what the content of the conjecture dumps pass4sure is or how it is subverted, conjecture can only be. Have always liked wang ning, and you have seduced him well, he disdains you zhao dandan s voice came out again yes , I have seduced him, so.last_img read more

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