first_imgBeachLife Festival has announced the addition of six artists to its inaugural lineup for when the “first-of-its-kind coastal event” goes down on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2019 at Redondo Beach, CA’s Seaside Lagoon. Those new additions include Slightly Stoopid, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, Dawes, Jason Mraz, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, and Anuhea.The three-day festival will also feature previously-announced oceanside headlining performances from Bob Weir and Wolf Bros (Friday), Brian Wilson w/ Al Jardine & Blondie Chaplin (Saturday), and Willie Nelson & Family (Sunday). BeachLife Festival lineup is rounded out by Ziggy Marley, As The Crow Flies, Violent Femmes, Steel Pulse, Grace Potter, Blues Traveler, Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers, Everclear, Chevy Metal, Sugar Ray, Donavon Frankenreiter, Keller Williams Grateful Grass, and many more.According to a press release, top southern California chefs will also have their own stage at the event in the form of a 50-seat, sit-down, pop-up restaurant, which will give festival-goers access to an unprecedented upscale dining experience just feet from the main stage. There will also be a curated wine village with boutique wineries, a massive craft beer bar focused on Los Angeles breweries, a VIP poolside experience, an elite speakeasy, and multiple bars and food vendors and trucks across the venue. Band-inspired menus will be created by handpicked chefs such as esteemed California-based chef and restaurateur, David LeFevre. Additional chefs will be announced soon.Check out the full lineup below, and head here for more information. Tickets are on-sale now at various levels. According to the event organizers, a percentage of ticket sales will be donated to several charities, including Surfrider Foundation, 5 Gyres, and Redondo Beach Police Foundation, and more.last_img read more

first_imgThe recent launch of the website, the online portal for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has been riddled with technical glitches and delays, frustrating users and insurers, and prompting many lawmakers to point fingers and others to suggest delaying the open enrollment period.While the technical glitches might look bad from a political perspective, Joe Newhouse, John D. MacArthur Professor of Health Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), argues that it’s equally as bad from a health care perspective.“If I am really sick I am more willing to fight through the hassle of getting insurance,” says Newhouse. “If the rate of good risks [persons who will not use much medical care] not signing up exceeds what insurers thought when they set premiums, there could be a spike in premiums on the exchanges for 2015, which in turn would require an increase in federal subsidies.“I am confident that in time the IT issues will be addressed and that coverage will expand. I am also confident that cost growth will slow relative to historical standards, because the consequence in terms of what is available for non-health spending, both in the public and private sectors, is so large,” he says. “I am not at all sure, however, about the mechanisms that will lead costs to slow nor about the health consequences of any such slowing.”last_img read more

first_img Women in Colombia are the ones who suffer most from the almost half century of armed conflict and are the chief victims of forced displacement and sexual violence, according to experts. “Women in Colombia face several challenges, which are made more complicated as a consequence of the armed conflict, and without a doubt, those who are most impacted are women and girls,” Margarita Bueso, in charge of the UN Women’s Office in the country, told AFP. “Women are used as weapons of war, by means of sexual violence, in order to trigger displacement and tear families apart,” Bueso indicated. Since the mid-1960s, Colombia has suffered from an armed conflict in which leftist guerrillas, paramilitary groups, and drug traffickers have clashed with government forces. According to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, sexual violence against women is one of the most worrisome and serious offshoots of that conflict. Members of illegal armed groups that sprang up following paramilitary demobilization between 2003 and 2006 engage in sexual violence against women and girls, “generally ending in physical and psychological aggression, and in some cases even in death,” that office indicated in a statement for International Women’s Day. As a consequence of the conflict, Colombia has a historical cumulative total of 3.6 million displaced people, according to official figures. “The faces of forced displacement are the faces of women of all ages and of children. Although statistics indicate that 52% are women and the other 48% men, the vast majority of the latter are boys and youths,” Saskia Loochkart, a humanitarian-affairs officer with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), explained to AFP. “Men are killed or recruited, or else some of them stay in their place of origin, trying to protect their property. As a consequence, we have a situation in which in 50% of displaced families, the woman is the sole head of household, with two extremes: on one end, teenage mothers and their families, and on the other, children being taken care of by their grandmothers while their mothers look for work someplace else,” Loochkart indicated. “Displacement completely transforms a family, and often, it doesn’t stay united,” the UNHCR official said, noting that one forced displacement is frequently followed by another. “The first displacement is usually from the countryside to an urban center, but in cities like Medellín (in northwestern Colombia), Soacha (on the outskirts of Bogotá), or Bucaramanga (in northeastern Colombia), this can be repeated, whether because they’ve been followed or because they come to very marginalized areas that are also controlled by illegal armed groups,” she said. One of these cases is that of a forty-one-year-old woman, the mother of five children between eleven and twenty-five years old, who had to abandon her home in the Cajambre River area, outside Buenaventura (on the Pacific Ocean), due to clashes between guerrillas and the Army. “We came to Buenaventura, where there are also a lot of clashes. We haven’t been able to go back, because the situation continues to be very difficult, even up to now, and we’ve also had to deal with urban displacement,” she told AFP, without wishing to give her name. This woman, who used to live with her partner by fishing and farming, is now separated and devotes herself to reselling chickens. She said that she has received psychological care because with the displacement, “first I suffered a nervous breakdown, and later a depression.” And although she affirmed that in her place of origin, “it was easier to get something to eat,” she has no great hope of returning. “Those lands aren’t ours anymore. What I have left now are grown children without jobs,” she concluded. By Dialogo March 09, 2011last_img read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Mother’s Day is Sunday, sparking a mad dash of last-second gift shoppers rushing to find flowers, presents and reservations for their moms across Long Island and beyond.Since most sons and daughters are well passed the age when cutesy homemade cards made in grammar school would suffice, everyone else has to find more grown-up ways to get creative.But fear not, the Long Island Press is in the same boat. To help with this annual dilemma, here’s a list of Mother’s Day events to either shop for a gift or  bring mum herself on her big day.Don’t forget the flowers!Weekend-long events:Mother’s Day Fair. Green Acres Mall, 1 E. Merrick Rd. Valley Stream. 10 a.m.-7 p.m.Mother’s Day Plant Sale. Munns Pond County Park, 228 West Montauk Highway. Hampton Bays. 10 a.m. -4 p.m.Mother’s Day Craft & Gift Show, Christopher Morley Park 500 Searingtown Rd. Roslyn. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.Mother’s Day Crafts. Maritime Explorium, 101 East Broadway Port Jefferson. 1-5 p.m.SaturdayMother’s Day Art & Craft Fair. Northport High School, Corner of Laurel Hill & Elwood Rd. Northport. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.Mother’s Day Yoga by the Sea! Whaling Museum, 279 Main St. Cold Spring Harbor. 11 a.m.Mothers’ Day Floral Design, Old Westbury Gardens, 71 Old Westbury Rd. Old Westbury. 12-1 p.m.Mother’s Day Crafts. Garvies Point Museum, 50 Barry Drive. Glen Cove. 12-3 p.m.Spa Science with Mom. Long Island Science Center, 11 West Main St. Riverhead. 3-5 p.m.SundayMother’s Day Dinner. Rockwell’s Bar & Grill, 60 Terry Rd. #7 SmithtownCarl Hart Mother’s Day Duathlon. Heckscher State Park, Islip. 9 a.m.Spring Lake’s Mother’s Day nine. Spring Lake Golf Club, 30 E. Bartlett Rd. Middle Island. 10 a.m.Mother’s Day at the Hatchery. Fish Hatchery and Aquarium, 1660 Route 25A. Cold Spring Harbor. 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.Mother’s Day Brunch. Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center, 431 East Main St. Riverhead. 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.Mother’s Day Brunch. Garden City Hotel, 45 Seventh Street, Garden City. 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.Mother’s Day Dinner. Glen Cove Mansion, 200 Dosoris Lane, Glen Cove. 1-4 p.m.Celebrate Mother’s Day. Perfecto Mundo Latin Bistro, 1141-1 Jericho Turnpike. Commack. 1-7 p.m.last_img read more

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Karen PostmaMy colleague Nicole Reyes, TMG senior fraud prevention analyst, recently hosted a webinar taking a look back at 2014 as the “Year of the Data Breach.” Below are a few key take-aways for financial institution (FI) leaders.In 2014, the Black POS malware responsible for the Target data breach grew in sophistication, allowing more fraudsters to break into the systems of several high-profile retailers. Millions of card accounts continue to be impacted, leading to “Data Breach Fatigue” among payment card-issuing FIs.To effectively fight fraud, it’s important to understand current fraud trends. TMG and its partners have identified the following:Top five U.S. states suffering fraud losses: California, New York, Florida, Texas, WashingtonSwiped or “card-present” transactions account for more than half of fraud. (This may soon change, however, as EMV chip cards make physical card fraud via counterfeiting more difficult for fraudsters.) continue reading »last_img read more

first_img 200SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Holly Buchanan Holly Buchanan is the author of Selling Financial Services to Women – What Men Need to Know and Even Women Will Be Surprised to Learn. She is the co-author of The … Web: Details When you look at highly respected leaders, effective leaders, emotionally intelligent leaders, leaders who employees climb over themselves to work for, you will notice a common trait. There is one thing they never let their employees do…They do not let their employees push their buttons.These leaders excel in self-awareness and self-control. They are comfortable with people who have differing opinions. They do not always have to be right.  They can have honest conversations about difficult subjects.  And their employees will follow them to the ends of the earth.    These leaders have mastered three things:They are aware of their own buttonsThey are not easily triggered when their buttons are pushedIf they do get triggered, they use specific techniques to regain control quicklyKnow your buttons“When someone insults us or does something unkind to us, an internal formation is created in our consciousness. If you don’t know how to undo the internal knot and transform it, the knot will stay there for a long time. And the next time someone says something or does something to you of the same nature, that internal formation will grow stronger. As knots or blocks of pain in us, our internal formations have the power to push us, to dictate our behavior.”  – Thich Nhat HanhButtons.  We all have them.  And I’m not referring to the fasteners on your shirt.  Our buttons can dictate our behavior if we don’t have control over them.What are your hot buttons?  What really really really bugs you?   You know your button has been pushed when your mental response is something along the lines of:“You’re wrong!” “Geez!  What’s wrong with you?”“You don’t know me at all.”“What an idiot!” “Who do you think you are?” “You think I’m bad?  Let’s talk about what YOU do!”“You don’t care about anyone but yourself.”“What a hypocrite!” “If that’s what you really think, then I quit.  I’m out of here.”Most of the time you don’t say these out loud, but you’re certainly thinking them.  Pay attention to the people, situations, behaviors and issues that cause you to have a strong reaction.  Also, be aware that what is triggering you may not be directly related to the current situation.  There is a saying, “Don’t stumble over something that is behind you.”  Don’t let your past dictate your future. Knowing what your buttons are is the first step.  The next step is being able to maintain control or event prevent yourself from getting triggered in the first place.What to do if you get triggeredWhat techniques can you use when you feel yourself getting triggered?  Here are a few ideas:BreatheYeah yeah yeah, I know.  It sounds cliché.  But I can’t tell you how often I use this technique.  When I feel myself getting triggered I say to myself:“Breathe in” (inhale).  (Hold breath). “Breathe out” (exhale).Super simple and super effective.   Buy yourself timeThe following are responses you can use to buy yourself time to get back in control:“That’s interesting.”“Tell me more.”“Why do you think that?”“What makes you say that?”These are responses you can use when you feel yourself getting triggered and need to buy some time before you respond.  In addition to gaining time, these responses can signal the other person to explain their position.  Their explanation may provide important information or insights. The more specifics you can uncover, the more understanding you will gain. The Sippy Cup SolutionHave you ever watched a toddler who’s crying, or yelling or just chattering away when perhaps mommy and/or daddy would prefer for them to be quiet?  What’s a great way to achieve that goal?  Give them a sippy cup.     How can this solution work for you?  By using the same premise.  If you are sipping a drink, you can not push back verbally because your mouth is otherwise occupied.  Are you going to meet with someone who is likely to annoy you?  Are you expecting a disagreement?  Do you just know you’re going to feel the need to jump in or interrupt?    Bring something to drink.  Bring a glass of water, a cup of coffee, a bottled soda, even your favorite Kombucha.  When the person says something that you disagree with or annoys you, take a sip of your drink.  It literally keeps you from responding because your mouth is engaged in something other than saying, “I completely disagree.”NOTE:  Do NOT use a straw.  When you make that annoying sound when you are at the end of the drink it can signal disrespect.Know your buttons.  Don’t let your employees push them.  If you do get triggered, use the techniques above to gain time and press your emotional reset button so you can mindfully respond rather than mindlessly react.  last_img read more

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Members of Visa’s Legal team celebrate winning the National Employer of Choice award from the Minority Corporate Counsel Association in New York City this week. Diversity and inclusion aren’t just good ideas, they are good business ideas. A 2015 report from McKinsey found that companies with the highest gender, racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians.Universal acceptance for everyone, everywhere is not only our brand promise, it’s the foundation of our company culture. Employee Resource Groups and Global Diversity & Inclusion Chapters help employees from different backgrounds connect and learn from each other. Internal learning paths focus on inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, psychological safety and other important topics. And a cross-functional group of internal advocates known as the Gender Inclusion Council develops recommendations for leadership as we continue to grow our inclusive culture. Learn more about our progress at work was recognized in two important ways this week. First, Visa received an award from the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCAA) as the 2019 National Employer of Choice. The MCAA is committed to advancing diverse attorneys in the legal profession by providing research and best practices, resources and more to foster inclusion. The efforts of the Visa Legal team to cultivate inclusion and prioritize mentoring and advancement have helped achieve a legal team that is half female in the U.S.center_img continue reading »last_img read more

first_imgThe acquisition of Invisee, which is a mutual fund selling agent (APERD) licensed by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), would allow FUNDtastic to sell mutual fund products directly. The investment platform is registered as a financial planning consultancy and not an investment agent, so it is not permitted to broker financial products.“We were working as two different companies that were both trying to make a profit. By merging our companies, we can improve profitability for our customers and [consolidate] our corporate structure,” said Franky.FUNDtastic had Rp 92 billion (US$6.28 million) in assets under management (AUM) as of June and aims to grow its value to Rp 500 billion by the end of next year. The company acquired around 30 percent its AUM through Invisee’s financial products.Invisee president director Eri Primaria said that the portal’s 100,000 users would have the option to automatically transfer their accounts to FUNDtastic’s new mutual funds branch, FUNDtastic+, or closing them. Online investment platform FUNDtastic has acquired mutual funds and securities portal Invisee for US$6.5 million to allow the fintech company to expand its products.FUNDtastic cofounder Franky Chandra told a virtual press conference on Monday that the company had been in talks with Invisee since December last year and had only decided to acquire the portal this month.“We acquired 100 percent ownership of [Invisee] for $6.5 million. To be honest, we’ve been having discussions regarding the acquisition plan for quite a while before finally decided to seal the deal,” he said. “We have arranged the system for transferring accounts and we have consulted on the issue with the OJK,” Eri said, and that he expected the account transfers to be completed by the end of August.Following FUNDtastic’s acquisition of Invisee, Franky said the company was planning to expand to insurance products.“Our investment products will go live by September, as we are currently in talks with several insurance providers. We won’t be focusing on microinsurance products, but rather [align] our products [going forward] with market demand,” he said.The number of retail investors in Indonesia has continued to increase over the last few months due to growing awareness about the importance of investing, despite the consensus that market volatility will continue due to the COVID-19 health crisis.Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) development director Hasan Fawzi said earlier that retail investors were now dominating stock trading in Indonesia at 52 percent of the trading value in June.“We can see that in June 2020, total trade of retail investors is up 86 percent,” Hasan said on June 17 in his keynote presentation at the Post’s Jakpost Up Close financial planning webinar, “Investing in stocks: Best strategies in volatile times”.Young people were also becoming more prominent in the stock market, with the number of individual investors aged 18 to 25 increasing 338.61 percent from 2016 to May 2020, according to the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI). Meanwhile, KSEI data showed that number of investors aged 26 to 30 grew 204.97 percent in the same period.Topics :last_img read more

first_imgASEAN economic ministers are committed to strengthening regional supply chains and improve trade digitalization to spur trade and investments, as well as cushion the impact of the ongoing health crisis, according to Indonesian Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto.The commitment came after the 52nd ASEAN Economic Minister (AEM) meeting on Tuesday, in which ministers gathered virtually to discuss the impact of COVID-19 in the region’s economy, among other issues.“Indonesia supports the ASEAN’s joint effort to face COVID-19, particularly the economic pillar through the strengthening of supply chains and utilization of digital technology in trade,” Indonesian Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto said in a statement on Wednesday. The country’s top export to the region was coal, trailed by palm oil, petroleum gas, crude oil and rubber.To minimize technical hindrance in trade, the ministers also committed to signing an agreement on the mutual recognition of automotive product-type approval for products produced within ASEAN.“This is based on the immense benefits for the auto exporters in ASEAN, especially in Indonesia. This agreement will remove the need to repeat the procedures of the test for auto product types in export destination countries in ASEAN,” Agus said.He also proposed adding a tracking feature to the ASEAN Single Window, a feature that is already adapted by Indonesian National Single Windows (INSW) for the ease of exchanging trade-related documents. The ministers have also finalized an ASEAN Digital Integration Index, which maps the readiness for an integrated digital economy among ASEAN members.Meanwhile, the region’s top officials finalized the terms of reference for the establishment of the Network of Innovation Centers in ASEAN, which would connect innovation centers across the region to bolster the ecosystem for start-up development in the region.Indonesia has recorded a 5.32 percent year-on-year economic contraction in the second quarter, the worst since 1998 financial crisis, as the components of economic activity fell significantly.Meanwhile, movement restrictions implemented in various countries have also hit international trade, with the World Trade Organizations (WTO) projecting global trade volumes to contract by between 13 percent and 32 percent at worst this year. Indonesia, however, has managed to book a strong trade surplus as imports fell deeper than exports. The country recorded a trade surplus of US$8.75 billion as of July compared to a $2.15 billion deficit logged in the same period last year.Read also: Indonesia logs biggest trade surplus in nine years, higher exports for three consecutive monthsTo revive the region’s trade, Agus and his regional peers also approved the implementation of a protocol to simplify certification bureaucracy in the region, called the ASEAN Wide Self Certification (AWSC), which enables certified exporters to declare the origin for their goods.The implementation will start on Sept. 20.“The utilization of this facility will boost Indonesia’s exports to ASEAN,” Agus said.Indonesia’s merchandise trade with ASEAN fell 1.22 percent to $55.72 billion in 2019 from a year earlier. Exports to the region were up by 6.42 percent to $41.79 billion, while imports were down by 3.87 percent. Topics :last_img read more

first_imgNZ Herald 26 June 2013US officials say a suburban Colorado Springs school district discriminated against a six-year-old transgender girl by preventing her from using the girls’ bathroom, in what advocates described as the first such ruling in the next frontier in civil rights.Coy Mathis’s family raised the issue after school officials at Eagleside Elementary in Fountain said the first-grader could use restrooms in either the teachers’ lounge or in the nurse’s office, but not the girls’ bathroom. Coy’s parents feared she would be stigmatised and bullied.Coy was diagnosed with “gender identity disorder” – a designation the American Psychiatric Association removed last year from its list of mental ailments. The removal reflected the growing medical consensus (yeah right!!!) that identification as another gender cannot be changed.….The Maine Supreme Court is considering the case of a 15-year-old transgendered girl who was forbidden from using her school’s girls’ bathroom.Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, which focuses on religious and family litigation, said transgender cases are “a mockery of civil rights”. He said his group got involved defending a department store employee who was disciplined for ordering a person who was obviously male to leave the women’s changing room.“How do you know if someone is really thinking this way or not,” Staver said, adding that Coy is too young to decide on such a different identity. “How do you know if someone just wants to go in the restroom and be a peeping Tom?”’s parents claim he began to identify as a girl at 18 months. By the time he was 4, his family began dressing in girls’ clothes and referring to him as “she.” During his kindergarten school year, school officials agreed with his parents’ request to treat him as a girl. “Gender Identity Disorder and Transsexual Issues,” by Richard P. Fitzgibbons.Read “‘Transgenderism’ and the Deconstruction of Gender.”last_img read more