first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Australian passengers traveling to the US and Canada should be prepared for stringent security measures, following the Christmas day terrorism scare on Northwest Flight 253. Extra security staff have been put on by Qantas to cope with the new rules imposed on all airline passengers travelling to the US and Canada. The tough new rules include mandatory physical pat downs and inspections of all hand luggage. Under the new rules, passengers are not allowed to leave their seats – even to access overhead baggage compartments – in the hour before landing in the US.Australian Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said Australian security authorities were reviewing the incident.”We will examine the facts surrounding this incident and we will make whatever changes are required and recommended by the security agencies.””What we need to do is to make sure high risk items, be they weapons or explosives, aren’t able to get through, rather than concentrate on whether nail clippers are on a plane or not.”Airlines have informed passengers flying to Canada and then onto the U.S that they are now limited to one personal carry-on item (such as a purse, computer bag, diaper bag or small backpack). In order to facilitate these changes, Air Canada is waiving excess baggage charges for checked baggage until the end of the year for U.S.-bound passengers travelling from Canada. Air Canada recommends passengers travelling to the U.S. arrive early for their flight in order to allow enough time for additional personal searches.”Air Canada staff are doing everything possible to ensure that flights operate as closely to their schedules as possible and we are reprotecting passengers affected by cancellations as quickly as we can, including by adding larger aircraft on key routes,” said Duncan Dee, Air Canada’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “Air Canada recommends passengers travelling to the U.S. from Canada check the status of their flight before going to the airport and arrive early for their flight in order to allow adequate time for additional personal searches. “Under new rules enacted by Transport Canada and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, passengers and their carry-on baggage will be subject to full searches at airport screening points.”Due to protracted waits for customer security clearance at Airports, Air Canada and Jazz are also being forced to cancel select short-haul flights to the U.S. These cancellations will be implemented primarily on short-haul trans-border routes with multiple daily flights between Toronto and the north-east U.S.last_img read more

first_imgExhibitors are preparing to welcome an influx of MICE events into New Zealand, particularly Rotorua, after showcasing the best of the best at this year’s MEETINGS.Events & Venues Rotorua sales and marketing manager Brett Jeffery told e-Travel Blackboard that moving business to host the yearly conference was worth the exposure and offered him the opportunity to show what he has on offer without brochures and pamphlets.“Hosting MEETINGS in the city this year really benefits the whole region,” Mr Jeffery explained.“By having it here and in our building, we’ve jumped a few steps in the process where before we would have had to explain what we have and now we can just show them that this is it.“It’s also made it easier for buyers to book with us.”Mr Jeffery added that holding MEETINGS in Rotorua for the first time this year opened the city’s doors to the international market, which currently fills up 20 percent of his business.India’s Club 7 Holidays events manager Supriyo Daw said seeing what New Zealand has to offer has encouraged him to recommend his findings to Indian MICE planners.“I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen here and will be encouraging everyone to bring people out here,” Mr Daw said. “There is a lot of interest in India about New Zealand and I think you will see more and more groups coming here in the future.’’  Although the economical benefit of hosting MEETINGS in Rotorua this year has yet to be determined, Conference and Incentives New Zealand chief executive Alan Trotter added that feedback from attendees has been “extremely positive”.“At the end of MEETINGS last year we had around $25 million worth of intended business booked and I would expect to see a similar result this time,” he said. “The buyers we’ve hosted from Australia, China, South East Asia and New Zealand have all been very enthusiastic about what they’ve seen here and impressed by the quality of our MICE industry.’’However, things are yet to slow down in Rotorua, as the city prepares to host three Rugby World Cup games at its Rotorua International Stadium in September this year. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

first_imgAfter 7 years with P&O Cruises, ‘Australia’s favourite cruise ship’ the Pacific Sun will see her last sailing on 01 July next year before moving on.Carrying 1900 passengers, the Pacific Sun’s departure is a part of Carnival Australia’s natural progression in a multi-brand strategy, introducing more ships to one of the world’s fastest growing cruise markets.While she will continue to operate cruises for the Australian and New Zealand market in the meantime, the Pacific Sun departs Brisbane on 01 July 2012 for her last cruise, a seven night voyage to the Pacific Islands.The growth in Carnival Australia’s local fleet has played a strong role in the popularity of cruising down under, from just two ships to six superliners including P&O Cruises’ Pacific Dawn, Pacific Jewel and Pacific Pearl and Princess Cruises’ Sun Princess, Dawn Princess and Sea Princess. Carnival Australia will welcome the Carnival Spirit in October next year, an 88,500 tone ship that will sail full time from Sydney. Travellers affected by the Pacific Sun’s departure are urged to contact their booking agent, as P&O Cruises are assisting passengers with rebooking on equivalent or near equivalent cruises on other P&O Cruises’ ships, offering a choice of alternative cruises on other ships in the P&O Cruises’ fleet where a near equivalent match is not possible and providing a full refund to passengers for whom no alternative cruise choice is suitable. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.Wlast_img read more

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T. Etihad boss dismisses traditional airline alliances. After revealing Etihad Airways’ will post its “strongest ever first quarter results” this year, the airline’s president and chief executive James Hogan dismissed the relevance of legacy airline alliances.Mr Hogan said Etihad Airways’ successful business model has been proven to build passenger numbers and generate revenue and profit for all its partners.“The traditional airline alliances have evolved into slow-to-respond, bureaucratic organisations which struggle to deliver added value to their member airlines, many of which are no longer compatible with each other,” Mr Hogan said.Mr Hogan revealed that codeshare and equity partners contributed greatly to the airline’s financial success.“If we look at the consolidation currently occurring throughout the airline industry, we are also seeing more fragmentation within the alliances.“This is going to continue as members seek ways to operate profitably in a very competitive environment with high fuel costs and generally slower global economic growth,” Mr Hogan said.Etihad owns stakes in five different global carriers and saw two of its equity partners – airberlin and Air Seychelles – return to profitability in 2012, meaning all five airlines are now in the black.“It is easier, faster and far more cost effective to grow through one-on-one partnerships with established, respected carriers than it is to rely totally on our own resources, and to start from scratch in every market we serve,” Mr Hogan said.last_img read more®, one of the world’s largest full service online travel sites, has released the results of the Expedia Passenger Preferences Index, a worldwide study that examines the preferences and behaviours of fliers on a country-by-country basis.The study was conducted on behalf of Expedia(R) by Northstar, a globally integrated strategic insights consulting firm and surveyed 11,026 travellers across 22 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and South America.Looking at the habits of Kiwi travellers, the study reported Kiwi fliers are among the most active in the world. Almost a third (31%) of Kiwis have flown more than five times in the past two years.This was above the global average of 27% and follows closely behind other APAC nations such as India, (38%), Singapore (36%) and China (35%). The most frequently flying nations were Norway (47%) and Mexico (42%) travel expert, Kelly Cull, says: “Our study shows that Kiwis are after simple pleasures when flying and are content with a full belly and comfortable space when in the air”.Kiwis Prioritise Full Meals and Extra Leg RoomKiwi respondents were given a range of amenities to choose and asked to select the ones they would be willing to pay extra for on flights of different length, defined as 0-3 hours, 4-6, 7-12, 12+ hours.On a long-haul flight (7-12 hours), more than 6 in 10 Kiwis (62%) said they would be willing to pay extra for a full meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) over any other amenity.A seat with extra leg room was the second-most common selection, chosen by 44% of Kiwi respondents, followed by inflight entertainment (38%).Kiwis were also willing to pay out for inflight entertainment with its importance increasing as the duration of the flight increased (25% of medium-haul fliers, 38% of long-haul fliers and 39% of extra long-haul fliers).Globally, a full meal was consistently selected as the amenity fliers would be most likely to pay for across flight durations. Australia and Canada were consistently the top two nations most unwilling to pay for in-flight extras across different flight lengths.Eat, sleep and strike up a conversation – how Kiwis pass the time on a flightComfort comes first for Kiwis dressing for a flight – 91% of respondents said they dress for comfort and didn’t care how they looked, leaving only one in ten (9%) to choose chic planewear over comfort.When asked which strategies Kiwis would employ to endure a long haul flight over 10 hours, 80% of Kiwis indicated they would sleep to pass the time, followed by eating (71%), utilising inflight entertainment (69%) and reading (64%).Kiwis were the nation most intent on staying active on a long flight, with 51% saying they would walk around the cabin versus a global average of less than third (31%).Passenger Preferences Index respondents were also offered a long list of items and asked to select five that they felt they couldn’t live without on a flight. Worldwide, the top five items were water, a meal, a phone/mobile device, headphones and magazines or newspapers.Following suit, Kiwi respondents also rated water as the number one item they couldn’t live without when flying (58%), followed by a meal (40%), headphones (30%), phone/mobile device (29%) and a physical book (21%).For travellers from Mexico, South Korea and Thailand, a mobile device was considered more essential than water.Baggage Fees and Carousels AvoidedWhilst close to two thirds (64%) of Kiwi travellers say they avoid baggage fees at all costs, they were among the nations least likely to let excess baggage fees impact how they pack their bags and fell below the global average of 70%.The motivations behind not checking a bag included avoiding waiting at the baggage carousel (35%), not having to queue at check-in counters (33%) and fear the bag would be lost (25%). Expedia.comSource = Expedia.comlast_img read more, the world’s leading online accommodation booking site, has partnered with Huawei, the world’s third largest smartphone producer, to become the first accommodation platform that will come pre-installed on Huawei devices globally.With’s more than 880,000 accommodation options in over 87,000 global destinations, Huawei users will be able to conveniently access and book accommodation around the globe the moment they switch on their Huawei device.The pre-installed app will be available in 42 languages and give Huawei users instant access to all the benefits of booking accommodation through, including 24/7 multi-lingual customer service, maximum flexibility on cancellation, pay after you stay on most properties and no booking fees.They will also be able to make smart and informed travel decisions using’s 80 million plus genuine, verified guest reviews.Commenting on the partnership, Bryan Batista, Global Director of Strategic Partnerships for said, “With the rise of the on-the-go consumer, mobile devices have never been more important when it comes to researching, organising and booking travel.“We operate with a mobile-first mind-set and we’re eager to partner with a leading technology brand to easily connect smartphone users from anywhere in the world to accommodation choices worldwide.“ is a truly global brand, with customers and partners all over the world. By partnering with Huawei, we will together make it simple and convenient for any kind of traveller; whether they are in Buenos Aires and want to book a B&B in Cape Town or they are in New York City and need a hotel for a business trip to Bangkok.“Having immediate access to these options on your mobile device is a necessity in today’s world and we are thrilled to make this even simpler for Huawei customers.”Fan Zhang, Director of Consumer Cloud Service User Operation Product Dept., Huawei Consumer BG, said, “At Huawei we want to make life as effortless as possible for our customers, giving them access to everything they need with one simple touch.“By pre-installing the app our customers can enjoy travelling round the world with minimum stress; whether they be in Singapore, Spain or Seattle.“ is the perfect platform to partner with, particularly with the new P9. Together Huawei and will change the way consumers travel and see the world.”Ranked 88th on the Interbrand Top 100, Huawei is transforming the way in which technology is collaborating with other industries. The most recent collaboration with German camera maker Leica for its new P9 smartphones and the partnership with Swarovski for its wearables showcase the brand’s commitment to empowering a premium lifestyle for customers worldwide. Source = Booking.comlast_img read more

first_imgSource = The Continent Hotel, Bangkok Thailand’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2016The Continent is proud to share its great news of 2016It has been a year of accolades for The Continent. The lifestyle boutique hotel, which features superb design, dazzling views, several successful restaurants and bars, and excellent personalized service, all set in an unbeatable location, has received a trio of awards for the hotel and its outlets.THE CONTINENT HOTEL IS THE WINNER OF THE THAILAND’S LEADING BOUTIQUE HOTEL 2016 FROM WORLD TRAVEL AWARDSThe Continent has been voted as Thailand’s Leading Boutique Hotel for 2016 by the World Luxury Hotel Awards. Celebrating excellence across all sectors of the global travel & tourism industry, the World Travel Awards are known as “the Oscars of the world hotel industry,” and give recognition around the world for world class hotel facilities and service, based on votes which are the actual result of guest experiences and how they ranked the facilities and were treated at each establishment.MEDINII IS THE WINNER OF THE 2016 WORLD LUXURY RESTAURANT AWARDSTHE BEST ITALIAN CUISINE IN ASIAMedinii, Italian restaurant has been voted as the Best Italian Cuisine in Asia by the World Luxury Restaurant Awards. Medinii offers contemporary Italian food with an Asian twist, and features a Sky Dining concept which starts with a choice of soup of the day or Medinii salad, followed by unlimited beverages (wine, beer, and soft drinks), plus unlimited pasta and pizza, along with one main dish and one dessert as part of the dinner, all set high above the city on the 35th floor, looking out at the luminous cityscape and lights of Sukhumvit below.THE CONTINENT HOTEL IS THE WINNER OF THE ASIA’ S TOP DESIGN HOTELS 2016 FROM NOW TRAVEL ASIA AWARDSThe Continent has also been named as Asia’s Top Design Hotel for 2016 by Now Travel Asia. The award confers honours on hotels that have cutting edge contemporary design, and The Continent leads the pack here, with its stylish world travel-themed rooms and their superlative dazzling city views, along with all its outstanding facilities, which are located on the top floors of the hotel, offering incredible atmosphere and a real “stay in the sky” feel. The Continent Hotel, Bangkokfor more information, visitlast_img read more

first_imgCelebrity Solstice returns to Australia in just over two months, launching her sixth local season with a special two-night “Sampler” cruise – ideal for first time cruisers.Departing Sydney’s Circular Quay on Friday 20 October, the cruise heads out to international waters, allowing guests a dose of weekend luxury at sea onboard the 2850-guest ship, before returning to Sydney on Sunday 22 October – just in time for the working week.“The cruise is ideal for budding cruisers who have a sneaking suspicion cruising might be for them, but don’t want to over-commit while they test the waters,” said Adam Armstrong, managing director Celebrity Cruises Australia and New Zealand.“This compact round-trip from Sydney gives guests the perfect dose of a luxury weekend away – at sea. They’ll be amazed at how much – or how little – they can pack into their long weekend onboard, as Celebrity Solstice is renowned for incredible food and wine offerings and modern design. A quick, relaxing, luxury mini-break doesn’t come better, or easier, than this.”Upon boarding, guests have plenty of options to relax and recharge. For the foodies, Celebrity’s 11 dining experiences are second to none, from the brand new Sushi on Five, offering fresh sushi and sashimi; to Murano, famous for tableside flambes; to Blu, renowned for light, delicious ‘clean cuisine’. Celebrity Solstice is also famous for her eight stunning bars and lounges, including the Martini Bar, where skilled mixologists create cocktails on an ice-topped bar. As well, Celebrity Solstice’s Canyon Ranch SpaClub treatments are hugely popular with guests looking for onboard relaxation, as are her tranquil adults-only retreats including the Solarium and Persian Garden, with its aromatherapy-infused showers and steam rooms.About Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Cruises‘ iconic “X” is the mark of modern luxury, with its cool, contemporary design and warm spaces; dining experiences where the design of the venues is as important as the cuisine; and the amazing service that only Celebrity can provide, all created to provide an unmatchable experience for holiday makers’ precious time. Celebrity Cruises’ 12 ships offer modern luxury holidays visiting all seven continents. Celebrity also presents incredible cruise tour experiences in Alaska and Canada. Celebrity is one of five cruise brands operated by global cruise company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (NYSE: RCL). For more information, visit, phone 1800 754 500 or see your local travel agent.About RCL Cruises Ltd AustraliaRCL Cruises Ltd Australia commenced operation in December 2008 as the Australian arm of global cruise holiday company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. The company offers three cruise brands in Australia and New Zealand: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises. In the 2017/2018 cruise season Royal Caribbean International retains its position as the largest cruise brand in Australia, with a fleet of four incredible ships sailing in the region including Australia’s biggest, newest and most modern cruise ship, US$1 billion Ovation of the Seas, South Pacific sisters Explorer of the Seas, Voyager of the Seas and culinary favourite Radiance of the Seas home porting in Sydney. Australia’s highest rated cruise ship Celebrity Solstice will also sail her sixth local season out of Sydney, while Azamara Club Cruises’ boutique Azamara Journey will return for a second season, visiting the west coast of Australia for the first time. Convert your clients to cruisersConvert your clients to cruisers Source = Celebrity Cruiseslast_img read more

first_imgDream Cruises partners with AlipayDream Cruises partners with AlipayDream Cruises, the luxury cruise brand of Genting Cruise Line in Asia, has partnered with Alipay, the world’s largest online and mobile payment and lifestyle platform operated by Ant Financial Services Group, to launch the full suite of mobile payment options at sea, giving guests greater convenience by allowing them the options of spot payment, self-checkout and auto-debit with Alipay or AlipayHK, the newly launched Hong Kong version of Alipay which supports transactions in HKD for Hong Kong users.The partnership builds on Dream Cruises’ commitment to innovation and Genting Cruise Lines’ long-term partnership with Alipay which dates back from 2015 when Star Cruises became the first cruise line to accept Alipay spot payment on board its fleet.From 24 September, guests on board Genting Dream can use their Alipay and AlipayHK to settle cabin charges at any time during their trip or automatically self-checkout by pre-authorizing the amount chargeable to their Alipay wallets. Guests can also use their Alipay wallets when they shop and dine on board. The mobile check-out solution will also be introduced on World Dream, Asia’s newest luxury cruise ship from Dream Cruises, in November.“As Asia’s first luxury cruise line, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of our guests,” said Mr. Thatcher Brown, President of Dream Cruises. “Access to funds and a frictionless payment experience is paramount for our travelling guests, especially in today’s technology-driven, mobile-first environment. We are delighted to progress our long-standing partnership with Alipay by launching the full range of Alipay mobile payment options on Genting Dream; where our guests from the dual-homeports of Hong Kong and Guangzhou will enjoy the unparalleled convenience of instant checkout with Alipay wallets.”Mr. Carl Su, Vice President of Ant Financial said, “As the first cruise line company to support Alipay, Genting Cruise Lines has been an important partner for Alipay in the continued pursuit of customer experience excellence. We are excited to provide a seamless and comprehensive payment experience for guests onboard Genting Dream. Starting from 24 September, Alipay and AlipayHK users have the freedom to choose from a full-range of convenient payment options best-suited to their needs. Guests can travel worry-free and have an even more memorable cruise vacation. That is the common goal for Alipay and its partners.”For more information about Dream Cruises, please visit and follow us on Facebook, Weibo and Weixin.Source = Dream Cruiseslast_img read more

first_imgPersonal Travel Managers discover foodie delights Bintan beachside dining. PTMs (from left front to back): Michelle Thomas, Theresa Kwong, Host from hotel, Nicole Cocks, Aaron Loss(NPO), Lori Francisco. (from right back to front): Judith Smith, Victoria Hobbs (Host), Debbie Bean, Ally Casey, Erin BeckfordPersonal Travel Managers discover foodie delightsAs part of the company’s ongoing commitment to product knowledge through first-hand experience, TravelManagers, in conjunction with Viva Holidays and Singapore Airlines, recently sent eight personal travel managers (PTMs) on a six day famil to Singapore and Bintan.On arrival in Singapore the group were taken to the Novotel Clarke Quay where they were to spend the next two nights, and after a free evening, they spent the next morning on a guided tour of some of the city’s foodie gems.Theresa Kwong, representative for Hughesdale VIC, cites the Foodelicious Tour as one of the highlights of the famil.“We tasted traditional Malay food at Geylang Serai, and followed that with a laksa meal at Katong Laksa (which Gordon Ramsay lost to during his “Hawker Food challenge”),” she explains. “I will definitely recommend taking Tour East’s Foodelicious Tour to any of my foodie clients, for the chance to just sit back, relax and be taken to various eateries for delicious and traditional local cuisine.”Erin Beckford, representative for Anna Bay NSW, had previously only experienced Singapore as a stopover point, and found that the city far exceeded her expectations as a destination in its own right, singling out Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands as particular must-see highlights.“A Singapore Foodies Tour is also a must, to immerse yourself in the local food culture that sets Singapore apart from other Asian destinations,” she says. “There is a plethora of amazing restaurants and eateries, although it was useful to discover that food and beverages in Singapore are quite a lot more expensive than many of its neighbours.”The following day the group were transferred to Indonesia’s Bintan Island by ferry, an experience which they describe as having been both useful to experience and surprisingly hassle-free.“It was great to experience the ferry terminal and ferry to Bintan, as it has given me the confidence to reassure clients who are concerned about the procedure being difficult or stressful. Everything went smoothly, the air-con worked well and the quality of seats on-board the ferry was good,” says Debbie Bean, who is representative for Tarneit VIC. “The journey only lasted 45 minutes and we were settled at the resort in time for a yummy Indonesian barbecue lunch!”, she adds.On arrival in Bintan, Bean and her colleagues were impressed by the beauty of the destination and by the quality of both the accommodation and the service they received there.“It was just divine,” she remembers. “We were treated like kings and queens, with all the staff going out of their way to help us without being intrusive. If you didn’t want to indulge in the plunge pool on your balcony, the infinity pool was equally fabulous.”As well as sampling some of Bintan’s top eateries, the group had the opportunity to inspect several resorts, a beach club and the newly returfed Laguna Golf Course and Club. Early morning yoga and an afternoon of kayaking and windsurfing were also offered for those who were not content to spent their free time poolside.On their second night in Bintan, the group were treated to dinner at Banyan Tree Bintan’s signature restaurant, Kelong, which is a traditional fishing house that is built on stilts out over the water and serves fresh local seafood in a spectacular setting.Continuing with the food-lovers’ theme which was present throughout the itinerary, the group’s time in Bintan concluded with a cooking class where they learned to make light Indonesian food such as chicken on lemongrass skewers, vegetable rolls and salad.All of the famil participants said that it was extremely useful to have experienced both Singapore and Bintan first hand, agreeing that both destinations have something to offer everyone.“Whether it is a couple travelling joining a cruise in Singapore or having a romantic break in Bintan, a traveller enjoying a restful stopover en-route to Europe, or a family taking in all the fun of Universal Studios and Disneyland, I think all travellers can find something to enjoy here,” says Beckford.TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, believes the investment in participating in famils such as this one pays big dividends for the PTMs, who return to their business with first-hand knowledge of the destinations and fresh enthusiasm for recommending it to their clients.“There’s no substitute for seeing a destination for yourself,” he explains, “especially in a destination like Singapore which is sometimes dismissed as a stepping stone on the way to Europe. It’s all about providing the best possible advice and service to their clients, and these PTMs have enhanced their product knowledge in the best possible way.”For more information or to speak to someone confidentially about TravelManagers please contact Suzanne Laister on 1800 019 599About TravelManagersTravelManagers operates in all Australian States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of House of Travel, Australasia’s largest independent travel company which has a forecast turnover of $1.5 billion for 2017. TravelManagers is a sister company to Hoot Holidays, also owned by House of Travel, and has more than 500 personal travel managers throughout Australia with a dedicated support team at the company’s national partnership office in Sydney. TravelManagers places all customer money in a dedicated and audited Client Trust Account which is separate from the general business accounts, ensuring client funds are secure and only used for client purchases.Source = TravelManagerslast_img read more

first_imgSouth Australia shines at national tourism awardsSouth Australia shines at national tourism awardsTwo of South Australia’s superior regional tourism experiences have been crowned best in their categories at the 2017 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards in Perth.For the second year in a row The Frames has been awarded Australia’s best Self Contained Accommodation. Situated in the Riverland, The Frames offers three opulent and private residences, each exquisitely tailored with magnificent views over the Murray River.Adelaide Hills Convention Centre has been named Australia’s best Business Event Venue. Surrounded by scenic views of the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Adelaide Hills Convention Centre provides unique, world class business event facilities and services.In addition, eight South Australian tourism businesses were awarded silver and bronze medals, representing their commitment to delivering exceptional tourism experiences.Silver – Calypso Star Charters – Tourist Attractions Silver – Murray River Walk – Ecotourism Silver – Yondah Beach House – Deluxe AccommodationBronze – Santos Tourism Down Under – Major Festivals and EventsBronze – Calypso Star Charters – Adventure Tourism Bronze – Mulberry Lodge Country Retreat – Hosted AccommodationBronze – Marree Hotel – Standard Accommodation Bronze – Barossa Valley Cheese Company – Excellence in Food TourismThe Awards were announced at a gala dinner on Friday, 23 February at the Optus Stadium in Perth, attended by Australia’s key tourism industry representatives and leaders.South Australian Tourism Industry Council (SATIC) Chief Executive Officer, Shaun de Bruyn congratulated all medallists on their outstanding achievements at the national awards.“South Australians should be extremely proud of the world-class experiences we have on offer.“The Qantas Australian Tourism Awards recognise the best of the best in tourism within Australia and set the benchmarks for best business practice which all tourism business should aspire to achieve.“This standards of achieving a tourism award at a national level are incredibly high and we should all be tremendously proud of their achievements and hard work.“For South Australia to be awarded ten medals is a fantastic result and will further ensure our brilliant visitor experiences and magnificent regions remain on the tourism map,” says Mr de Bruyn.Tourism Minister, Leon Bignell said it was great to see so many South Australian tourism operators recognised for their hard work and innovation.“South Australia’s visitor economy has increased by 29 per cent in the past four years to a record $6.3 billion – which is a reflection of our dedicated and passionate tourism operators from all across the State.“These businesses put in the hard yards every day to give our visitors an unforgettable experience and all our nominees and winners deserve to be congratulated.“The tourism industry is so important for our economy, supporting local jobs and businesses, and I couldn’t be prouder to see South Australia take home two gold, three silver and five bronze awards,” says Minister Bignell.South Australian finalists for the national awards are selected at the annual South Australian Tourism Awards where most category winners go on to represent the State at a national level.Last year the South Australian Tourism Awards received an impressive 174 nominations. The annual gala dinner held on Friday, 10 November at the Adelaide Convention Centre, brought together 875 industry representatives to celebrate more than 30 category winners, five Hall of Fame inductees and over 40 silver and bronze medallists.Nominations for the 2018 South Australian Tourism Awards open on Wednesday, 28 February and close on Monday, 25 June.“The South Australian Tourism Awards provide a great opportunity for tourism operators within South Australia to showcase their success and be recognised for their excellence,” says Mr de Bruyn.“The Awards program also provides valuable opportunities for business growth and recognition, as well as rewards entrants with improved business planning and an internal analysis process.“I encourage all tourism businesses to put their best foot forward and nominate.”For more information on how you can get involved, visit: Source = South Australian Tourism Industry Council (SATIC)last_img read more

first_imgBjorn Harvold, CTO of TravelKoin.comTravelkoin set to revolutionize the global travel industryDisruptive new blockchain-based software allows travel suppliers to pay each other directly and incentivizes travelers to book, pay and add value to the online eco-systemTravel industry veterans, Bjorn Harvold and Martin Struschka, the technical minds behind innovative companies such as Traveliko and ICS Travel Group, have created revolutionary new technology that leverages the low-cost efficiency of Blockchain for the travel industry.Fittingly named Travelkoin, the platform utilizes a stable, transferrable cryptocurrency to address the two major pain points that make travel one of the most fragmented industries in the global marketplace – payments and loyalty.Offering applications that run on the Google Cloud Platform, built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, Travelkoin’s first key application is a payment gateway. This makes use of Blockchain technology to allow travel suppliers to deal directly with counter-parties, making payments cheaper and faster, and allowing individuals to build smart contracts for intelligent payment systems between suppliers.“Travel businesses transact around 7.8 trillion dollars per year globally but the largest travel suppliers in the world only use a handful of payment providers. The result is that airlines, hotels and other suppliers pay up to 780 billion dollars a year in fees just to manage their payment processes,” explains Bjorn Harvold.“If you talk to any travel supplier about this problem they will give you multiple reasons why the current system needs a fix. Third party players are expensive, entrenched and no longer necessary for the industry,” he adds.Payment gateways have been available on the Internet since the mid-1990s and function as a trusted clearinghouse for parties wishing to transact in fiat currencies (a.k.a legal tender). These gateways make sure the payment method is valid and that enough funds are available for a particular transaction. They then facilitate the movement of funds between a buyer and seller for a fee.The Travelkoin payment gateway takes the complexity and expense out of the travel industry’s innumerable daily transactions. Instead of relying on third party gateways, the platform allows for complex payments to be made with ease at no cost and safely.“Travelkoin payments are made using a public, de-centralized Blockchain. That means every travel supplier contributing to a specific transaction can remit and get paid within minutes, without third party fees, and with no additional action required,” says Martin Struschka. “Blockchains are also fully transparent, digital, distributed accounting ledgers, so they save significant time and money in the accounting department.”To manage risk and liquidity concerns, smart contracts are used to consolidate “who-gets-paid-when-and-how”. These digital envelopes push information to the Blockchain for verification and ensure the accurate distribution of funds – whether immediate, time-based, or location-based.Fuelling the system are Standard Travel Units (STUs), which maintain stability by providing a digitized form of tender that makes use of the near-real-time speeds of transfer that Blockchain technology facilitates directly between its members.“STUs are 100 percent collateralized on Travelkoin, so any amount of STU is always backed up by enough liquidity. If USD100 worth of STU is bought and used to settle an invoice in Europe, the equivalent of USD100 in Euro is credited to the receiving party,” explains Martin.The second key Travelcoin application is a built-in loyalty platform that integrates elements of gamification to offer practical, meaningful incentives to travelers and suppliers who add value to the online eco-system.Members earn additional value on the Blockchain through loyalty platforms and Travelkoin takes this concept to a whole new level by issuing Travelkoin tokens (TKTs) whenever a travel-related action occurs that adds value to the eco-system. This may be a commercial action such as making a booking, or participatory behavior such as writing a review.“Instead of joining every airline or hotel loyalty program, from which you gain just a few un-spendable points, Travelkoin offers real incentives to make use of the platform and makes it fun and valuable for each party involved, including the suppliers, ” says Bjorn.Travelkoin Tokens never expire and can be purchased using, or converted back into, fiat currencies. As all the services on Travelkoin can be exchanged for these loyalty tokens, the only way travel suppliers can access the platform’s services for free is to incentivize their customers to pay them, fully or partially, in TKTs. This leads to better relationships between suppliers, counter-parties and their customers.“Blockchain is often discussed in the context of financial services, but it is definitely not exclusive to the investment sector. For the travel industry, the real innovation of the Travelkoin Platform is that it combines the ability to transact using a stable settlement currency with the added value of an effective loyalty rewards program. This creates a unique and compelling reason to participate.”The Travelkoin Platform also comes with white labeling functions and works with user-friendly websites and mobile apps that allow travel suppliers to create accounts, manage their customers using smart contracts, create incentive schemes, and make payments. As the platform matures, new services will be offered to airlines, hoteliers and travel suppliers – all powered by Travelkoin Tokens.To find out more email or visit https://travelkoin.ioSource = Travelkoinlast_img read more

first_imgP&O Cruises Australia – Media StatementP&O Cruises Australia – Media StatementPacific Dawn returned to Brisbane and, prior to arrival at the Portside Cruise Terminal, the Captain thanked disembarking guests for their sensitivity and support for the family who suffered such a devastating loss during the cruise. The family has been supported on board by senior crew members since the incident and Care-trained staff met the ship on arrival this morning.We have done everything possible to respect and protect the privacy of the family. Counseling by a professional Counsellor who was also on hand today has been offered to guests and crew wanting access to this support. P&O Cruises is assisting Queensland Police in their inquiries into the incident as the lead authority acting on behalf of the State Coroner.As anticipated, police went on board Pacific Dawn on arrival to begin their inquiries. Allowing the police to determine what happened in this tragic incident is the appropriate course. We remain concerned that much of the speculation and versions of events given in recent days are not supported by the facts. The police inquiries on behalf of the Coroner will help put the speculation to rest.With Pacific Dawn’s arrival, we will be able to give police CCTV footage providing an unobstructed view of what happened andportraying an obviously devoted and loving couple. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and hope that they will find comfort in their grief.Source = P&O Cruiseslast_img read more

first_imgAbout Club MedClub Med provides amazing holiday experiences, made easy, in the world’s most beautiful destinations. With over 70 premium and luxury all-inclusive sun and snow resorts located in some of the most beautiful places on earth, Club Med resorts blend seamlessly with their environment, drawing inspiration from the local culture and nature to immerse guests in the destination.Since 1950, Club Med has been dedicated to providing guests with amazing new experiences that make for an unforgettable holiday – from the rejuvenating to the exhilarating, and everything in-between. Each resort offers a vast selection of opportunities to try something new, immerse in local culture, revive body and mind, and give back to the local community and environment.Club Med holidays are a truly hassle-free experience, with premium all-inclusive packages and a wide range of innovative services – giving guests more time to spend doing what they love.For more information, visit or follow Club Med at: * Instagram @clubmed * Facebook /ClubMedAustralia * Twitter @ClubMed_Au * Travel agent Facebook /ClubMedforTravelAgentsSource = Club Med Aussies seek more than only ‘ski’ snow holidays this seasonAussies seek more than only ‘ski’ snow holidays this seasonAussies are seeking holistic snow holidays with unique experiences and cultural immersion alongside thrilling snow sports, according to sales insights released today by Club Med, in-line with the all-inclusive provider’s ski season opening.An increased number of Australians are signing up for the emotions that you can only experience on a snow holiday, such as the liveliness that comes with fresh mountain air on your face, the freedom of smooth ski runs, the wonder during après ski adventures, and the content from feasting on delicious, well-earned, mountain fare.Almost all rooms in Club Med’s newest Japanese resort, Tomamu Hokkaido, have been booked through to March 2019, with a huge 37% of those Aussies who skied Japan with Club Med last year returning for 2018. And with Club Med’s European resorts more than 75% full at the start of ski season, the brand has had to create a pre-registration process to keep up with the demand of Australian travellers.“Our guests continue to book Club Med resorts for their snow holidays because of the exclusive snow community we’ve cultivated with our full-mountain experience,” says General Manager of Club Med Australia, Rachael Harding.“Our research show that guests are looking for off-mountain activities that wow them just as much as ski does, and Club Med truly delivers this in our premium package. Our winter offering welcomes guests to become part of the Club Med snow community, where the mountains are world-class, the activities are never-ending, and they leave their holiday transformed.”It’s a sentiment Australian and Club Med Beidahu snowboard instructor, Brandon Creighton, agrees with. He says the increase in Australians investing in premium Club Med ski holidays is because of the transformative nature of their stay: “Some of the experiences I’ve had while teaching guests how to snowboard will stay with me forever. There’s a moment and you can see it, when snowboarding gets into someone’s blood. All of a sudden they start wanting to push their limit, and finish runs with attitude! At Club Med, you can have a blast on the slopes, meet new people all the time during lunch and dinner at the in-resort restaurants, and then enjoy the après-ski activities to wind down.”Beyond a standard snow holidayWith recent research* showing snow holidays bring families closer together, Club Med fills the gap during Australia’s own off-season, offering a truly international snow experience. Snow enthusiasts and their families can experience a whole new world of passion at Club Med resorts, through immersive cultural experiences in some of the world’s best locations.For example, guests at Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido in Japan can savour award-winning locally-brewed spirits and Wagyu beef in-resort, while those at the brand new Club Med Les Arcs Panorama in France dive into Turkish baths and incredible slopes in one of the world’s biggest ski areas, Paradiski©.“With bulky gear to manage, hidden additional costs and the complexity of travel, the research* shows that international snow holidays can often be daunting for Australian families,” says Harding. “However, Club Med’s all-inclusive packages and premium service make the booking and experience of a snow holiday truly easy.”Club Med guests receive as part of their all-inclusive snow holiday:Accommodation with a wide-choice of room types, in the world’s best locationsAll gourmet meals in-resort and in selected altitude restaurantsPremium open bar, including beer, wine, spirits, cocktails and non-alcoholic beveragesKids Clubs for guests from 4 years old.^Evening entertainment and shows by the Club Med GO teamEasy Arrival: Club Med’s infamous offering where ski/snowboard gear is available in guests’ private lockers upon arrival so they can hit the slopes as soon as they check-in (available in European ski resorts)Ski lift passes to access the slopesGroup lessons tailored to all levels and ages, with English-speaking professional instructorsAn array of non-ski activities, from snowshoe walking and sledding to après-ski treats including hot-tubs, saunas or indoor heated swimming poolsAustralia’s best Winter Olympic program athletes join the Club Med snow communityClub Med resorts across Europe and Asia also open today with some of Australia’s best winter sportspeople in-residence, with thanks to the brand’s recent partnership with the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA). Two-time Olympian Samantha Kennedy-Sim is amongst the Ski Cross athletes training and recovering within Club Med’s expertly-appointed resorts this snow season.“The Olympic Winter Institute of Australia chose to partner with Club Med in the lead up to the 2022 Winter Olympics so that our talented young athletes could train on the best powder with the best runs, and enjoy some ideal R&R when they’re not training,” says Chief Executive Officer of OWIA, Geoff Lipshut.“Club Med shares our passion for the snow and our inclusive community values, making them a great partner for the OWIA and its athletes ahead of the next Winter Olympic Games.”OWIA athletes will be on the ground in Club Med Val Thorens this snow season, and travelling to other Club Med European and Asian ski resorts in the lead-up to 2022.A new generation of ski holidays at Club MedContinually innovating their snow offering, Club Med is pleased to open this season with a bang in both Europe and Asia.Leading the snow season with unprecedented interest is Club Med’s new European resort, Les Arcs Panorama in France. Guests will be immersed in the modern architecture and wide-open views upon arrival at the family-friendly Arcs 1600 ski resort. Families can make the most of Club Med’s infamous Kid’s Clubs from 4-months to 17-years old and enjoy the unique Bread & Co family restaurant, where the kids take their parents out to dinner. For something a little more indulgent, Club Med Les Arcs Panorama offers a Wellness area with Cinq Mondes spa, heated indoor and outdoor pools, Turkish baths and more.For guests after a shorter travel time to their immersive on-snow holiday, Club Med’s recently upgraded Japanese resort, Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido enchants and delights with its breathtaking landscapes in one of Asia’s best travel destinations. The resort’s cultural experiences have expanded to include Hokkaido Soba and Temari Sushi cooking lessons, indoor rock-climbing with augmented reality, adult beginner magic carpets, and more. Those looking for Japanese culinary delights after skiing some of the world’s best powder can also enjoy the new wine list and Pierrade & Hokkaido cheese fondue or healthy Japanese buffet, all before laying their head in one of the 177 newly refurbished rooms and suites.Join the exclusive Club Med snow communityIf you’re ready to pack your bags and hit the slopes for a premium, no-hassle snow holiday, last minute bookings are still available for this season.Pre-registration of interest for the 2019-20 Japan, China & European ski season is now open. Pre-register your clients here: further information and to book your transformative ski holiday, visit read more

first_imgOTM is very well organised and my expectation is to network with as many travel agents as possible, and expose this beautiful brand of Macau to the travel industry. My entire experience in OTM has been very productive.last_img

first_imgNicole Kidman, screen icon, provided the face and narrative for this airline’s evocative new “Flying Reimagined” brand campaign. The concept for the new campaign was created by M&C Saatchi Australia, part of Etihad Airways’ global creative agency, M&C Saatchi.Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways Chief Commercial Officer said, “Etihad Airways is constantly pushing boundaries, taking inspiration from the world to provide a superlative in-flight experience for our guests. We are rewriting the rule book and reimagining flying by breaking away from convention and leading the way in innovation, design, style and hospitality. This new campaign has succeeded brilliantly in bringing our unique brand and service ethos to life on film, in print and on digital channels. Nicole Kidman, as a globally respected artist, was the perfect voice and face for our story, and embodies worldly sophistication, intelligence, originality, and elegance – values which form the foundations of the Etihad brand.”last_img read more

first_img in Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Agents & Brokers Edward DeMarco Fannie Mae First-Time Homebuyers Freddie Mac House Financial Services Committee Housing Affordability Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Refinance Service Providers 2012-01-10 Ryan Schuette “”Fannie Mae””: CEO Michael Williams announced Tuesday that he will resign once the mortgage giant selects his successor.[IMAGE]””I decided the time is right to turn over the reins to a new leader,”” he said in a statement. “”As I told our employees today, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved together, and I am confident that they will continue to make a positive difference.””Fannie Mae chairman Philip Laskawy commended the outgoing CEO for helping make the GSE “”a better company”” and said “”our country benefits from a stronger housing finance system.””””Federal Housing Finance Agency””: (FHFA) director “”Edward DeMarco””: likewise praised Williams in a separate statement for conserving Fannie’s losses and shoring up financial restatements.””I am grateful for Mr. Williams’ steadfast dedication to [COLUMN_BREAK]ensuring Fannie Mae meets its public mission of providing stability, liquidity, and affordability to housing finance while both leading his company and working with government officials to that end,”” he said.A 21-year veteran with Fannie Mae, Williams accepted an appointment to head up the mortgage company just as the FHFA placed it into conservatorship during the financial crisis. In a statement, the company billed his tenure as one that allowed Fannie to build credible books-of-business, help more than 1 million homeowners finance their homes, and assist millions more in refinancing their loans.The announcement follows Ed Haldeman’s decision last fall to step down as CEO of “”Freddie Mac””: in tandem with a larger leadership shakeup at the mortgage company that saw chairman John Koskinen and a number of other board members leave.Williams and Haldeman recently found themselves embroiled in scandals over multimillion-dollar bonuses they and eight other executives received last year.DeMarco, Haldeman, and Williams agreed to appear before the House Financial Services Committee in November to address outcry by lawmakers over their bonuses, which many criticized as excessive.The House voted to slash executive pay for GSE senior-level executives by reducing their annual salaries to just more than $200,000, approximately equal to the same pay grade for a ranking government official. Sharecenter_img January 10, 2012 425 Views Fannie Mae CEO Michael Williams Announces Resignationlast_img read more

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2013-04-24 Tory Barringer New,360 Mortgage Hires Account Executive to Expand California Presence in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing April 24, 2013 437 Views center_img “”360 Mortgage Group””:, a privately owned mortgage banker operating out of Austin, Texas, announced Ron Summers has joined the team as its newest account executive.[IMAGE]Summers, who has more than 12 years of mortgage lending and real estate experience, will report to Al Crisanty, VP of national wholesale production, as he works to expand relationships with high-quality mortgage brokers throughout Northern California.[COLUMN_BREAK]””We are excited to add Ron to 360 Mortgage’s growing team of talent account executives, especially in the key California marketplace,”” said company president and founder Mark Greco. “”Ron’s experience makes him a valuable resource and partner to the mortgage broker community as he builds on his existing relationships and works to expand 360 Mortgage’s presence in Northern California.””Before coming to 360 Mortgage, Summers held account executive positions at a variety of mortgage lending companies, including New Century Mortgage, Encore/Bear Stearns, ABC, and Sun Trust. He has also held business, real estate, and Internet sales positions at companies including Blackhawk Development, DeBene Properties, and Chase Business Group.””Ron is a dedicated sales professional with deep mortgage banking ties throughout Northern California, which will be a vital asset as he works to expand the Company’s regional network,”” Crisanty said. “”We are excited to have him join our team to help support our mortgage broker partners.”” Sharelast_img read more

first_imgMore Metros Find Stable Footing Share Home Builders National Association of Home Builders Recovery 2014-06-05 Scott_Morgan Perhaps the best way to describe economic growth in U.S. metro markets is: It’s getting there, slowly but surely.The First American Leading Markets Index (LMI) , a report released Thursday by the National Association of Home Builders showed that 56 of approximately 350 metro markets nationwide have returned to or exceeded their last normal levels of economic and housing activity, as recorded before the recession. This is nine more metros than a year ago, suggesting that even though the lion’s share of metros in the U.S. are still underperforming, more are coming back to stable ground.In large metros, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, remained atop NAHB’s list of most-improving cities. According to the NAHB, Baton Rouge is 40 percent better than its last normal market level. Other major metros at the top of the list include Honolulu, Hawaii; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Austin and Houston, Texas; Los Angeles and San Jose, California; Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Salt Lake City, Utah.In small metros, Odessa and Midland, Texas, are now at double their strength prior to the recession, according to the LMI report. Similarly, housing economies are greatly improving in Bismarck and Casper, Wyoming and Grand Forks, North Dakota.Even though the majority of metros are not quite back to pre-recession strength, the remaining 294 metros are, on average, about 88 percent of the way to where they should be, and nearly 250 of those have improved in the past year. Additionally, more than a third of all markets are operating at a level of at least 90 percent of previous norms, which, according to Kurt Pfotenhauer, vice chairman of First American Title Insurance Co., bodes well for a continuing housing recovery in the year ahead.According to NAHB chief economist David Crowe, the one lagging component in the LMI is in single-family housing permits, which is only 43 percent of the way back to normal. Meanwhile, home prices are 26 percent above their last normal level and employment is at 95 percent of its previous norm. “In the 22 metros where permits are at or above normal, the overall index indicates that these markets have fully recovered,” Crowe said.”Markets are gradually returning to normal levels of housing and economic activity,” said NAHB chairman Kevin Kelly. “When we see more sustainable levels of job growth, this will unleash pent-up demand and bring more buyers into the marketplace.”Job growth appears to be growing steadily as well. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve released the results of its latest Beige Book survey, which found that economic conditions across the U.S. and across the board have largely improved since the end of the first quarter.As for demand, the latest results are mixed. While Redfin’s latest Real-Time Demand Pulse, released June 2, showed a 2.1 percent drop in home tours among home shoppers in April, it also showed a 15.8 percent rise in home tours compared to the year prior.center_img in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News June 5, 2014 482 Views last_img read more

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News, Origination June 1, 2015 547 Views Home Value Forecast says Millennials are Leading Urban Area Revival In an examination of whether millennials are helping inner cities experience a rebirth, the authors of ProTeck Valuation’s Home Value Forecast (HVF) for May determined that while some urban areas with populations dominated by millennials are thriving, urban recovery is still happening slowly nationwide, according to a press release from ProTeck on Monday.”While millennials’ impact can be seen, the rehabilitation of America’s inner cities does not happen with a broad brush,” said Tom O’Grady, CEO of Pro Teck Valuation Services.  “Change comes one building, then one neighborhood, then one ZIP code at a time.”In order to test the theory that millennials are causing a great migration back to the inner city, the HVF examined urban areas with millennial-dominated populations in two of the top 10 cities ranked by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) according to amenities important to millennials and job prospects (Minneapolis-St. Paul and Boston). What the HVF authors discovered was that the two urban areas examined to determine what impact millennials were having, the Lyn-Lake area of Minneapolis and South Boston, have withstood the housing bust and were at all-time highs.”The Lyn-Lake area of Minneapolis is a vibrant community that embarked on a strategic plan to further engage residents and businesses. South Boston also has seen a transformation over the last few years into a thriving live-play-work space,” the authors wrote. “As we discussed in our September, 2014 HVF update, Market Trends Across the U.S. – How Economic Restructuring Affects Housing Affordability, metros at differing points in their economic restructuring have different affordability. Smart companies are looking at affordability and moving to where there is a large percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Boston and Minneapolis are number 4 and number 7, respectively, on the list and look well poised for future housing appreciation.”In addition to Minneapolis-St. Paul and Boston, cities mentioned in the AIER research as the most highly educated metros were Austin, Denver, New York City, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. Four of those cities, Denver, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle, were ranked among the top 10 metros in the latest HVF.”Educated millennials are gravitating to cities and we believe this is creating an urban revival in many key metros across the country,” O’Grady said.The May HVF update ranks the 10 best and worst performing metros according to market condition ranking model. The rankings, run monthly for single-family home markets in the top 200 core-based statistical areas (CBSAs), use leading real estate market indicators such as sales/listing activity and prices, months of remaining inventory, days on the market, sold-to-list price ratio, foreclosure percentage, and REO activity, according to ProTeck.The top CBSAs in April as reported in the May HVF were Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, Washington; Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, Colorado; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California; Santa Cruz-Watsonville, California; Vallejo-Fairfield, California; Bellingham, Washington; Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Arizona; San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco, California; Oakland-Hayward-Berkeley, California; and Reno, Nevada.The bottom CBSAs in April as reported in the May HVF were Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, Maryland; Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach, Florida; Elgin, Illinois; Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach-Deerfield, Florida;Gary, Indiana; Kansas City, Missouri-Kansas; Lake County-Kenosha County, Illinois-Wisconsin; Lakeland-Winter Haven, Florida; Memphis, Tennessee-Mississippi-Arkansas; and Rockford, Illinois.”Seattle joins Bellingham, WA in the top ten this month,” O’Grady said. “Denver, Phoenix and Reno also are in the ranks of the top 10, which have been dominated by California metros such as San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland-Hayward-Berkeley. All of the metro areas in the top 10 have less than five months of remaining inventory with San Francisco having less than two months. Also, the foreclosure percentage of sales is well below 10 percent in every market.”center_img Home Value Forecast ProTeck Valuation Urban Area Revival 2015-06-01 Seth Welborn Sharelast_img read more