On the hunt for another Casemiro: Kanté wins the ‘data war’

first_imgTOTAL SHARES1,966 (each 1.2 ‘)1,166 (each 1.2 ‘)1,383 (every 1.5 ‘)906 (every 1.3 ‘) SUFFERED FOULS40 (every 55 ‘)8 (every 173 ‘)59 (every 35 ‘)10 (every 121 ‘) LOST BALLS301 (every 7 ‘)239 (every 6 ‘)179 (every 11 ‘)120 (every 10 ‘) TRIED PASSES1,521 (every 1.4 ‘)859 (every 1.6 ‘)975 (every 2.1 ‘)753 (every 1.6 ‘) MINUTES PLAYED2,2201,3852,1121,216 Source: OPTA ACTIONS IN THE RIVAL AREA29 (every 76 ‘)32 (every 43 ‘)9 (every 234 ‘)4 (each 304 ‘) MATCHES PLAYED251825twenty OCCASIONS GENERATED10 (every 222 ‘)24 (every 57 ‘)7 (every 301 ‘)12 (every 101 ‘) HEAD CLEARANCE28 (every 79 ‘)7 (every 197 ‘)12 (every 176 ‘)2 (every 608 ‘) CASEMIROKANTÉCAMAVINGASOUMARÉ % SUCCESS ON THE PASS83.7%83.2%87.6%89.7% RECOVERIES218 (every 10 ‘)132 (every 10 ‘)147 (every 14 ‘)85 (every 14 ‘) ASSISTANCE2 (every 653 ‘)02 (each 1,056)0 MATCHES AS HEADLINE251624fifteen INPUTS (TAKLES)83 (every 26 ‘)38 (every 36 ‘)105 (every 20 ‘)19 (every 64 ‘) GOAL ATTEMPTS34 (every 65 ‘)16 (every 86 ‘)15 (every 140 ‘)1 (every 1,216 ‘) * Data from this season in the League Real Madrid has begun the hunt for a Casemiro clone (28 years old) and in his peephole he has three quoted pieces: Eduardo Camavinga (Rennes), the club’s favorite for his youth (17 years), projection and physical and technical power; N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea), Mature midfielder (29 years old) and contrasted, a true champion of the Premier and of the World, although he does not exercise exactly the same function as Case; and Boubakary Soumaré (Lille), 21 years old and theoretically the most affordable of the three by price but not due to the absence of suitors since Klopp has been behind him for a long time to incorporate ‘his’ Liverpool. Of these three applicants that Zidane manages to oxygenate Casemiro, immovable for the technician, Kanté is the one who, right now, can go the ‘double’ more than the Brazilian. The statistics of both are almost a trace. And even the Chelsea player, who is usually more accompanied than the Brazilian, improves in some ways the Real Madrid player.Kanté, in a season in which injuries have slightly eroded that image of an indestructible player, he recovers in the Premier the same as Casemiro in LaLiga (one ball every 10 minutes), his losses are similar (one every 7 minutes of the Brazilian for one every 6 of the French), they average the same actions per game (1.2), his pass success rate is identical (83%) and they have the same goals (3). But there are pulses that decant to one side or the other. Casemiro is more powerful in the air game (he clears a ball every 79 ‘; Kanté does it every 197’), assists more (two goal passes by none of the Frenchman) and dares more (averages a shot every 65 ‘; French takes 21 more minutes). However, Kanté generates more chances (one every 57 ‘against the Brazilian’s 222’ average) and is more active in the dangerous zone (one action every 43 ‘in the rival area; Casemiro’s average is 76’ …) .Statistics support Kanté against Camavinga and Soumaré, whose numbers are further away from Casemiro’s, especially the Lille player. But There are some aspects in which Camavinga, on pole at the Bernabéu offices, ‘sweeps’ the Chelsea midfielder. One is in the ground level entrances to steal the ball, what the English call ‘tackles’. There, the one from Rennes is a specialist. Average one every 20 ’; Kanté takes 16 more minutes. Another is the one of success in the pass. Camavinga has uncovered himself as a player who chooses quickly and well (he has an extraordinary positioning and oriented control). If you see that there is no advance option, the pass is secured. It has an 87% effectiveness (Soumaré inflates the chest in this statistic: 89%). Below you can see the complete comparison.France Football: Kanté, not less than € 70MNevertheless, Although the numbers point to Kanté as Casemiro’s best ‘twin ‘, Real Madrid’s first choice is Eduardo Camavinga. It is true that Chelsea guarantee immediate performance, it is more than done to the rigors of the elite, but his age (29 years), his price (France Football publishes that the London club will not let him go for less than 70 million) and that his physique begins to send signals, they make the fingers of the white club point to the Franco-Angolan. For DNI (17 years), for projection, for physical power and technical qualities. CI assure that he is non-negotiable and he is seen in Camavinga as the perfect player to cook alongside the Brazilian, learning from his trade when the time comes for relief. Something like Madrid did, advised by Zidane, with Varane when Pepe was on the roster. Of course, the operation is warned that it will be more expensive. Varane cost 10 million. It is said that for Camavinga, Rennes, who wants to keep him one more year, would ask for around 50 million … FOULS COMMITTED64 (every 34 ‘)37 (every 37 ‘)48 (every 44 ‘)16 (every 76 ‘) SCORED GOALS3 (one every 740 ‘)3 (every 740 ‘)1 (each 2,112)0last_img

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