Gas price wars continue in St Catharines

The gas price war in St. Catharines has continued into the weekend.People are still lining up to take advantage of the cheapest gas in the Province.In Hamilton gas prices are looking to be a bit higher.The gas war has been going on for 3 days between Esso and Pioneers on Ontario street.Gas was sitting at 83 cents a litre in St. Catharines and the streets are still packed with people and lines of cars trying to take advantage.Some people are happy about it and making sure they know what’s going on with an app that can tell you where the best price for gas is around you but that opinion isn’t shared by everyone.Gas expert Dan McTeague, who is from gas, says gas stations participating in the price war are losing 15 to 20 cents a litre…If this war continues to go on even for 2 or 3 more months, the retailers could be looking at losing their business all together.McTeague says he believes by Monday or Tuesday prices should start going back up.

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