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first_imgLondon, UK – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineEthical emerald mining company Gemfields and the World Land Trust, working with eight of the world’s premier designers, have created a one-of-a-kind “pop-up” collection of bespoke emerald jewelry. The collection was designed to raise awareness and funding for the World Land Trust’s “Indian Elephant Corridor” project. The pieces will be displayed around the Emerald Queen—a life-size fiberglass elephant adorned with Gemfields Zambian emeralds and designed by Sabine Roemer—which will form part of the London Elephant Parade from May to July 2010.As India’s farmlands and cities continue to expand, the Asian elephant experiences widespread habitat loss. As the home of 60% of the world’s remaining Asian elephant populations, protecting habitats in India is key to the survival of the species as a whole. The World Land Trust works to preserve traditional migratory routes for these elephants so that they can move safely between national parks and other protected areas.Eight world-class designers were chosen from across the globe to create unique jewelry that incorporates a Gemfields Zambian emerald at the center. Gemfields focuses on ethically-sourced Zambian emeralds that follow the highest standards in fair-trade, environmental, social and safety practices. Gemfields’ special mine-to-market capability ensures the provenance of every gem through a full disclosure and certification program. The deep green of these gems and the company’s socially conscious nature makes the collaboration with the World Land Trust a perfect pairing.Each jeweler crafted a single piece, using the elephants and the lush corridors they inhabit as inspiration. The participating UK-based talents include cutting-edge designer Shaun Leane and celebrity favorite Theo Fennell, along with up-and-coming names like Dominic Jones. Other featured designers include Turkey’s Sevan Bicakci, Australian South Sea pearl company Autore, represented by Alessio Boschi, and Gem Palace, the renowned court jewelers to the Moghul emperors in India.The collection is currently on view in the Selfridges Wonder Room until June. On June 22nd, Sotheby’s will auction off the pieces in an exclusive event, with a percentage of profits from each jewel going towards the World Land Trust’s “Indian Elephant Corridor” project.Visit for more information.last_img

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